A Practical Wedding (A Great Book For Every Bride)

I’m such a fan of weddings.  Honestly, I could go to one every day.  I watch them on tv (all the time) and I love to read and talk about them.  I’m totally hooked.

And while, of course, I love the fantasy and beauty of them, what I’m really attracted to is the meaning of them.  Love. Commitment.  Forever.  It is just so magical. I cry absolutely every time I see a groom watch his bride walk down the aisle.

And that is what I adore most about Meg Keene, and her blog, A Practical Wedding, and now her book,  A Practical Wedding | Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable and Meaningful Celebration.  Meg’s book guides you though how to plan a wedding that is truly meaningful to you.  One that really reflects who you are. And, as Meg puts it, one that is not about how you want it to look, but about how you want it to feel.

I see the blog as your daily dose of sanity, and the book as your roadmap.  It will guide you from engaged to altar – enjoying this once in a lifetime process, but also keeping your feet on the floor and your focus where it should be.

Meg, a past bride herself, details her advice on every step of the process.  It is honestly like getting a playbook from that smart grounded girl you’ve always secretly admired.

For example, take her advice on creating your guest list.  It’s not about deciding how many people you can afford then making a list.  Meg suggests, ask yourselves “Whom do we love?  Who must be there?” and working backwards until you have a number.  Smart.  Practical. And, quite simply, the way it should be done.

There are a million more smart tips and thoughtful examples in her book (Which, by the way, I read cover to cover even though I’ve been married almost 8 years).  I definitely think every bride could learn something – and cut her stress level – just by reading it.

Meg is celebrating her new book (it was just published!) by giving a copy to one lucky PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com reader.  Just leave a comment below and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday, January 13th at 5p est. Here’s to planning the wedding you really want.

 Congratulations to our winner Mindy.