A Few of Our Favorite Things

Ask any bride married prior to 2011, and she’ll tell you there once was a way to plan a perfectly personalized wedding before Pinterest.

Thankfully, the rest of us will never know what that was like, since being inspired by other brides and their wedding day is one of the best parts of the photosharing site. We’ve been keeping track of some of our favorite ways couples have added their own touches, as pinned on Pinterest, and we’re sharing a few of them this week.

1) Every reception is unique, but after attending more than a few of them, you’d be forgiven for finding everything a little familiar. That is, until you’re greeted by this amusing, tongue-in-cheek guide to getting through a wedding.

2) Depending on your seating arrangement, and your circle of friends and family, the sit-down reception could be an experience in awkward conversation, for some. Give idle minds and hands something to do to help break the ice while leaving you with a  list of advice you may (or likely may not!) want to take.

3) We all want to carry the memory of that magical day with us, so we loved this idea of saving an (un-noticeable) segment of the dress or veil in a pendant, post-wedding day.

4) When you were falling in love, didn’t you take some things as a sign that you were destined to be together? Fitting then, to have an actual sign that greets your guests and says it all about your serious commitment to one another.

5) Put your foot down when it comes to the classic idea of ‘something blue’.  A burst of unexpected color can add a punch of pretty splendor anywhere you tread.

6) It’s easy to adore the idea of an outdoor wedding, especially when seated in a fashion that allows everyone a great vantage point while literally making them part of the much-anticipated walk down the aisle.

7) Falling in love, they say, is like imprinting your heart upon another. While that may be physically impossible, you can leave your mark – or should we say prints – on your thank you notes or seating cards, with this great idea that literally can’t be copied by anyone else. (The actual fingerprints anyway.)

We’d love to see your favorite Pins.  Add #PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com and we’ll repin and share your inspiration!