A DIY Wedding At Home II

Lace Short Wedding Dress
I looked at a ton of vintage photos from flea markets to inspire the decor of the reception. Which then lead me to collect bundles and bundles of hankies, doilies, picnic table cloths, and old vases. That was the majority of the decoration. We didn’t want a huge production. So, no formal toasts or dances. Instead we had a record player and invited guests to  share some of their favorite records and our maid of honor and best man shared their feelings on our marriage in a more intimate and private setting.

Lace Short Wedding Dress

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Jon and I wanted it to be simple and sentimental. And i think that that’s exactly what it was. One of our best friends described the wedding to be like a big family party which was the best compliment I could have received because that was  our intent.

Photography: One Love Photo / Wedding Dress: Elizabeth Dye

Pssst….check out this cool painting created by Susan Adam based on an image from One Love Photo.

Wedding Painting Portrait