A Creative Approach to Wedding Flowers

We always hear from brides that they would like their weddings to be different, unique, and personalized to them. But how do you do that? We think the best way to be inspired is to step out of our normal routines and try something different. Today, we’re excited to feature a set of images unlike anything we’ve posted on Once Wed before: a creative collaboration between Sarah Winward and Britt Chudleigh Photography, in which they stepped out of their boxes and chose to see everyday blooms in a different way.

More from the photographer, Britt Chudleigh: 
“Sitting at my breakfast table one afternoon, I was sketching some plants I’d seen on a walk that day. Absentmindedly, I began drawing in a figure behind the leaves and loved how the drawing evolved. Knowing Sarah’s amazing instincts with organic things and her never-ending thirst to try new things, I sent her the sketch to see if she wanted to try creating flower dresses on a model. We quickly pulled a little team together played around with the lovely living things Sarah gathered. Experimenting with several different approaches, we finally ended up hanging the flowers or plants in the foreground with fishing line and posing our model farther back in the room so the organic materials became an appropriate size for her frame. I really ended up liking the model being out of focus rather than shooting this at a high depth of field so she became abstracted and “paper doll” like. This really kept the focus on the flower dress as well, which both Sarah and I loved. But since our model was so dreamy and was styled so beautifully by Gabby, we wanted to do something a little more detail oriented with her.  This is when we brought the flowers closer to her body and created the feeling that they continued out of frame into a gown below. We especially loved the little blooms we used as earrings.”

More from the floral designer, Sarah Winward:
“I tend to think of flowers as little creatures, each with personalities of their own. Some of them seem to have happy faces, or be wearing little hats.

I love working with Britt, and I think we feed off of each other really well while creating. This shoot was all about being imaginative together. We played with each flower, studying it from all angles, asking what  it’s personality was as a flower, what emotion it held. Britt had the idea and some beautiful sketches exploring how flowers would translate into clothing for humans (or garden fairies).”

Photography: Britt Chudleigh | Florals: Sarah Winward | Hair & Makeup: Gabby Gabbitas