A $5000 Sedona Wedding

After 7 1/2 years together, Mandy and Ty got married last year in beautiful Sedona.  They were able to keep their wedding to a strict budget of $5000 – with 120 guests!  Mandy said her “My biggest goals were to save money and not get caught up in all the small things…just budget, budget, budget.”

Their wedding proves that with some effort, and help from friends and family, you really can have an amazing wedding without breaking the bank.

A Sedona Wedding for $5000

A Sedona Wedding for $5000

A Sedona Wedding for $5000

Here’s how Mandy was able to stay within her budget:

We made each and every invitation on our own, saved us tons!

I had picked out the wedding dress of my dreams 2 years prior and a great stroke of luck came my way when I found someone with the exact dress that fit so perfectly and saved thousands.

We had a venue for the ceremony and reception, to include the bar area for our appetizers and cocktail hour, full service bar, and even including a full kitchen and all the linens we needed for only $700…and the  patio had the most unbelievable views.

We had many friends assist with so many things, from the gift of flowers to handmade bows for each chair.

We had our close friends take pictures of us in an amazingly beautiful park in Scottsdale, complete with the L-O-V-E statue and completed each table with the photos on borrowed heart photo stands. Friends and Family completed our wedding photos and video to complete perfection.

We had a large bag of silk pedals, very inexpensive, and sprinkled them around each centerpiece on the tables.

We ordered the food through Shamrock Foods, and a close friend gave us the gift of cooking and with so many helping hands and made the most unbelievable appetizers and meal for under $800 for 120 people and many leftovers!

We had our perfect wedding cake made by Basha’s for $230!

Our entire wedding cost us under $5000 and it was so perfect! It is so easy to get caught up in all the small things and lose track of your budget, before buying anything I recommend putting it on a list and coming back to it a few days later, it may just not be important. Think about the big picture and what this day is really about- and you can stick to your perfect budget.

A Sedona Wedding for $5000