8 Boutique Wedding Dress Designers Sure to Dazzle

8 Boutique Wedding Dress Designers Sure to Dazzle

There are names that have become nearly synonymous with the wedding world and the realm of bridal gowns. Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and even Elie Saab, are popular fan and celebrity favorites within the scope. The corsets, the colors, the textures, each of these well-known designers has created their own, profound niche. But there are more silhouettes and details than just what they have to offer.

There are more and more collections popping up and sweeping brides-to-be off their feet. They provide romance and creative innovations in terms of traditional style and trendy features. If you’re in the market for something that no one else has – or maybe they have heard of – check out our favorite boutique wedding dress designers below.

Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone Wedding Dress Designer

Credit: Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone is one of the more well-known of boutique designers and that’s because of her unmistakable attention to bohemian and fairy-tale inspired details. The vision behind Claire’s designs begins with a vintage idea and molds itself into a contemporary infusion of old-age spirit and enchantment.

Prices range from $2,000 all the way through $20,000 for a fully customizable piece. This custom floral wedding dress worn by Jennie Garth is a timeless example of attention to personal detail. There are options for various budgets and various bridal styles – but all of them are finished with a distinct Pettibone flair.

Using the best fabrics – from around the world – and a magical medley of accessories (think veils and lingerie), Claire Pettibone brides have a true one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish.


BHLDN Boutique Wedding Dresses

 Credit: BHLDN

It’s not an acronym, BHLDN is a brand pronounced “Beholden” that’s full of elegance and grace with features from the beloved Anthropologie store. Full of boho spirit and crisp lines, it’s right on trend, every single time.

They create both bridal gowns and designs for bridesmaids – as well as a plethora of stunning (and delicately romantic) accessories.

The overall style of their lines is more modern and simple, and sometimes even enchanting. Think crisp jumpsuits and the right little one numbers for your getaway elopement. The prices are also extremely affordable for those that are budgeting in all the corners of their big day.


Lovely Bride Boutique Wedding Dress Designer

Credit: Lovely

Trendy and beautiful, Lovely Bride bridal gowns have so many options – but they’re limited on who gets to peruse their racks and scour their designs. It’s a top-notch VIP experience and we are living for it!

Lovely Bride designs are all about simple lines and a lot of gorgeous intricate texture. They are very understated and allow the bride to shine within all her own unique glory.

There are several spots to hit all around the U.S. – although they aren’t extremely accessible. You may have to plan ahead to take the trop and try on some of your favorites.

Alex Perry

Alex Perry Boutique Wedding Dress Designer

Credit: Alex Perry

Alex Perry is an Australian designer making a huge splash in the wedding world. There are so many show stopping gowns among his collections.

Each design is reminiscent of a couture piece making its way down the runway but with a layer of contemporary minimalism that the modern bride will swoon for. Corsets and crisp silhouettes are two mainstays of an Alex Perry creation.

Right now, there’s only one debut collection to fall in love with, but trust us, you will at first glance. Each gown is filled with luxury and wow-worthy details.

Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller Boutique Wedding Dress Designer

 Credit: Savannah Miller

​​Romance, delicacy, a bit of sensuality and youthful charm make up a Savannah Miller creation. It’s as though one takes the etherealness of a Pettibone piece and pairs it with more contemporary polish – such as Amsale!

We love the play with texture and creamy shades throughout her collections. There’s a variety of fabrics woven throughout her designs and something for brides of every season to sift through, choose from, and fall in love with.

We also love how there’s truly a look for all kinds of styles – from the modern-inspired to the bohemian flair.

Lihi Hod

Lihi Hod Boutique Wedding Dress Designer

 Credit: Lihi Hod

Lihi Hod is known for layering and combining fabrics to create something extra whimsical, romantic, and memorable. There’s a certain bout of sophistication that she weaves throughout her designs that are distinctly a Lihi Hod piece as well.

Combining more femininity and sensuality in her designs, these gowns make their own fairy-tales. And fun fact, Lihi Hod was named “Best Wedding Dress Designer in Israel” in both 2014 and 2016.

There’s something really special about these designs because of their attention to detail. Each gown seems to have its own story and style to go along with its soft movement and bridal-worthy silhouette.


Markarian Boutique Wedding Dress Designer

Credit: Markarian

Markarian is a luxury womenswear label that includes more than just bridal – although that’s what we’re focusing on today. Created by Alexandra O’Neill, there’s a lot of innovation sewn throughout the designs and a lot of artistic nuances that you’ll see throughout the collections.

The focus is on creating timeless pieces; ones that are memorable. They aren’t necessarily traditional but are so beautiful and extraordinary that they become their own unique piece of history.

These may not be your first thought when it comes to bridalwear – but they really hit the mark for our sophisticated, fashion-forward brides.

Halfpenny London

Halfpenny London Boutique Wedding Dress Designer

 Credit: Halfpenny London

Finally, we have Halfpenny London which is inspired by bouts of vintage waves and ambiance. The designs are made in England but worn by brides all around the world who have a love for luxury.

One of the most recent collections, The Painter, was inspired by the passion of an artist. Throughout the gowns, you’ll see homage paid with the generous usage of overflowing fabrics, intricate details, and freedom of innovation.

Some designs are bold. Some are understated. There is so much to love throughout any and all of the various collections found here.