5 poses to capture photos of your veil

If a veil is your headpiece of choice for your big day then you already know it’s an important part of your wedding look. Be sure to give it some photo love as your photographer captures details from your big day. Get inspired with these wedding day veil poses.

1. Over the face

Wearing your veil over your face was a tradition dating back to ancient times when veiling a bride’s face was a symbol of purity and was an important part of the ceremony as the father revealed his daughter’s beauty and presented her to her future husband.¬† Whether you choose to honor the tradition, or even wear your veil this way or not, taking a few photos of it over your face can show off the beauty of the veil you’ve chosen.

2. Pulled back

Whether or not you plan to walk down the aisle with your face veiled, you won’t be wearing your veil over your face all day. Be sure to take photos with it pulled back. You’ll see the beauty of your face and the outline of your veil flowing behind you. Capturing photos from the side or of you looking over your shoulder will give more attention to the veil and capture its beauty.

3. In the Wind

If the wind picks up and begins to take your veil with it, let it. The natural beauty will radiate from photos of your veil in motion. To create this look without the help of the wind, channel your inner Beyoncé and break out that diva fan to create the same desired effect.

4. Detailed shots

Capture the details of your veil up close. Give special attention to patterned lace, gems, or appliques. If your veil does not have specific designs in it, pair it with other wedding details such as your bouquet or jewelry to give your veil photo some depth and detail.

5 poses to capture photos of your veil
Courtesy of Story Amour

5. Wrapped

Envelop you and your spouse in your veil. Pull it over your head and behind theirs to surround yourself in your own little love bubble, or wrap yourselves up in a big veil hug if your veil has the length.

And if you have a drone or access to a balcony or ladder, grab one of these impressive overhead shots!