Wedding Manicure Inspiration

You’ve already got some bling on that ring finger and after you exchange vows you’re going to have even more! Have your nails in tip top shape for the big day when they’ll be getting photographed left and right. With so many designs to choose from you’ll wish you could do a few polish changes throughout your wedding day. Get your mani on point with these style ideas you’ll love!


French manicure

Classic, iconic, simple and sophisticated, the French manicure is a timeless style that can be done with the traditional white tip or dressed up with colored tips or a colored base.

Image by Three16 Photography

Reverse French manicure

A spin on tradition, the colored “tip” is painted at the cuticle bed and the base color instead extends to the tip of the nail. Like a traditional French manicure this style can be kept classic with the nude and white color combo or spiced up with color.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Something blue

Looking to check off the “something old, something new” mantra on your wedding day? Add it to your nails. With so many shades to choose from you can make your something blue look however you want it to.

Image by  Caleb Lucas

Bold colors

As if your ring wasn’t a big enough statement for your hand, jazz it up with a bold, bright manicure. Check two of these styles off your list with a bright blue manicure. Statement nails AND your something blue.

Image by Rushina Morrison 


Go bold or go home is not the look for everyone. Paint your nails with a subtle color to give them some color but not draw too much attention to your hands.

wedding manicure
Image by Colin Maynard

Barely there

A bit lighter than an already pale pastel color, the barely there look gives the shine and smooth look of a manicure without a noticeable pop of color.

Image by Justyn Warner

Au natural

Who says you need to wear nail polish at all? If you’re not a nail polish wearing lady then why change for your wedding day, go for your natural look, or add a clear coat if you want some extra shine without the color.  We still recommend getting a polish free manicure before your wedding to pamper your hands and treat your cuticles (plus who doesn’t love a stress-relieving hand massage)?

wedding manicure
Image via Katherine Hanlon 


Let your mani compete with your engagement ring to see which can shine the most. Fine glitter or chunky will both provide a disco ball effect when the light hits your nails, providing an added sparkle for the camera as you capture photos of you wedding ring on your hand.

Image by Valerie Elash


Your nails with glimmer with a metallic manicure. Metallic colors also come with the added benefit of looking like more than one color depending on how the light hits your hand, making them a great choice for someone who can’t completely decide on a color or if they want to go full sparkle.

wedding manicure
Image by Victoria Heath

Accent nail(s)

Really want a special design or style but don’t want to commit it to your whole hand? Add the design you want to only one or two nails. Each nail is its own canvas.

Image by Andrew Avdeev

Featured image by Nick Karvounis