Your Wedding is Your Own, so Stop Comparing

In the era of social media and influencers, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in comparisons, jealousy and desire. Social media highlights the fun, the luxury, the must-have products and experiences. It’s all we see as we scroll, whether it’s someone’s new toy, vacation, or even their wedding.

We know, we just told you how Instagram is great for planning your wedding and we stand by that, it’s filled with resources and inspiration. But when you find yourself feeling sadness, jealousy or anger over someone’s life or what they have, it’s time to shut down the apps.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. It’s hard to make choices, stick to a budget, and not get wrapped up in wanting everything you see. Sometimes the negative thoughts come creeping in and the like and save buttons go from “this is a cute idea” to “ugh why can’t I have that?” When you find the positivity and excitment becoming negativity or resentment, it’s time to turn off the social media and pause the wedding planning for the day.

If it seems like everyone’s wedding is more wonderful than yours will be, stop and remember that it’s not every day you’re posting the unglamorous, sometimes really crappy, parts of your daily routine, so why would anyone post those moments of their wedding?

The pictures you see may look perfect, but what you’re not seeing is the behind the scenes. The officiant may have pronounced a name wrong, a wedding attendant may have drank too much and gotten rowdy, the music may have been poor and no one danced. You can’t compare your wedding to another, and you can’t be jealous of what someone else has, no matter how quick and easy it can be.

Your wedding will be perfect because it’s yours and you will make it work. If you can’t afford something you want, find a way to incorporate a lower cost version or DIY adaptation of the idea. Never lose sight of the main reason behind your wedding – your marriage. Marriage is about two people coming together and committing themselves to love one another forever. There’s a reason you can get married at a courthouse or elope…it’s because the wedding doesn’t make the marriage. Remember that the next time you’re feeling down because you can’t have something you want for your big day or you’re jealous of someone else’s wedding.