Should You Keep Your Wedding Dress?

My elderly neighbor recently sold her home.  Last weekend she had an estate sale to sell the things she couldn’t take with her to her smaller new house.  Among the items in her basement was her wedding dress.  Perfectly preserved in the box.  It was marked for $25 and was sitting next to some old dishes. (Neither sold).

Like my neighbor,  my mother, and all of her friends,  saved their wedding dresses. I am 4 inches taller than my mother, so I couldn’t have worn her wedding dress – even if I had wanted to (which I didn’t).  In fact, of all the women I know, only one actually did wear her mother’s gown. (And, Marth, you did look smashing).

According to a survey we did on our site– a full 14% of women say they are too practical to keep their wedding dress. And another 6% said they were “not sentimental enough to keep it”. Thank God we aren’t all going to wind up selling our dresses with our broken dish sets. As one seller on our site said,  “I am going to buy an eternity ring with the proceeds- a much better reminder of our wedding than a box in our basement.”

According to our survey, there is also a growing segment of women who “want someone else to be able to enjoy it.” It is lovely to think that the dress that made one woman feel beautiful and special on her wedding day, can do the same for another woman – while saving both women money, and reducing impact on the planet.

Here are three of my favorite dress for sale that you can save more than a thousand dollars on:

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Here’s to not being my neighbor!