Win an Ecoura Engagement Ring!

We love when our sponsors host exciting contests, and we’re absolutely thrilled to tell you a little about an awesome giveaway from Reeds Jewelers and Ecoura Jewelry today! You can enter for a chance to win an Ecoura engagement ring- keep reading for details.

More couples are considering the environmental or social impact of purchasing an engagement ring than ever before. There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for the perfect ring to seal the deal, and if you’re looking for an engagement ring that is environmentally friendly, the Ecoura Bridal collection from Reeds Jewelers may be the perfect option.

When you purchase your Ecoura engagement ring, they plant a tree in your honor! How great is that? And Ecoura rings are also made from Renewed Gold, which is a sustainable alternative to newly mined gold. Because Renewed Gold is created by melting and refining gold that has already been mined, you’ll prevent the creation of 5-20 tons of environmental waste. Renewed Gold has an identical look and feel of freshly minted gold, but with less guilt. And Ecoura has a ring design for every type of bride: classic, vintage, and contemporary; so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit. Now, find your dream, eco-friendly Ecoura engagement ring today!

For a chance to enter an Ecoura engagement ring, start by filling out this entry form.

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