Why You Should Budget for Wedding Insurance

When it comes to the “less pretty” sides of wedding planning, we know it can be tough to justify spending your hard-earned dollars. So something like wedding insurance, can fall to the low end of your priorities. But here’s the thing: it shouldn’t.

Weddings are a large investment. No matter if your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, all of your biggest expenses should be insured. When it comes down to it, wedding insurance doesn’t even cost all that much – most of the time, it will be less than your wedding cake!

Do any of these situations sound like yours?

Winter Weddings: If you live in an area known for snowfall and cold temperatures, then a winter wedding, while beautiful, tends to have a few more logistical concerns than an easy summer celebration. If a winter storm starts to brew, then you’ll wish that you had cancellation coverage.

Unconventional Venues: Have you chosen an outdoor venue? Museum? Private estate? State park? Some of these venues require couples to purchase wedding liability insurance. This coverage may protect you in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents.

Potentially Inclement Weather: We cringe to think of how many weddings were disrupted, rescheduled, or canceled due to the hurricane this year. Cancellation or Postponement coverage may protect your investment, even if you have to move the wedding date or venue.

What If’s: Now, what about all of the what-ifs that are not quite as likely, but still a real possibility? Damage to your dress, severe illness, lost wedding photos, vendor bankruptcy, damage to your wedding gifts, or even postponement or cancellation of your wedding are potential problems than happen all the time.

Wedsafe likes to say, “Your wedding should be magic, not tragic and we couldn’t agree more: protect your investment. We trust Wedsafe and hope that you’ll reach out to them for help. WedSafe is backed by Nationwide, a trusted insurance provider since 1926, and brought to you by Aon, the world’s leading insurance brokerage firm. Get your free no-hassle quote today at www.wedsafe.com.