Why Wedding Dress Pre-Sale Works

Found your dream wedding dress and definitely know you want to sell it?  Consider pre-sale.

Pre-sale means listing a gown for sale before it is worn by the original owner. Here’s how it works:  Once a seller has purchased her dress, she lists it as a pre-sale. Just like a regular listing, she provides images, a rich description, the dress’ measurements and other details – including the date the dress will be available. Prospective buyers contact the seller, and just like a regular transaction, discussion payment terms and other details.  Once the dress becomes available, the seller confirms the dress’ condition and the transaction proceeds.

The benefits?  A seller can find a buyer sooner, and have confidence that her dress will be sold once she’s worn it. (Which can really help justify that budget-stretching dress). For a buyer, the advantage is knowing the dress she really wants will definitely be available, in her size, on a specific date. (Which is perfect when you have your heart set on that one and only jaw-dropping dress).

Sometimes buyers and sellers agree on a small deposit to confirm each party’s intent. But pre-sales can be negotiated without any money changing hands until the dress becomes available.

The benefit to both brides is really the confirmation of two brides, each who love the same dress, both getting it for an amazing price! And who doesn’t want that?