Why Wedding Dress Pre-Sale Makes Sense

Pre-Sale: Monique Lhuillier Meriah Available Apr. ’11

Today’s brides view their wedding dresses differently than our mother’s generation.  While our moms carefully heirloomed and stored their gowns for future daughters, women today want to pass their dress along to another bride now.  And recoup some wedding costs in the process.

And if you’ve got your heart set on a more expensive wedding dress, pre-selling it is smart option.

Pre-Sale: Vera Wang Diana Available Sept. ’10

Wedding dress pre-sale means a gown is listed for sale before it is worn by its first owner. The buyer and seller agree – in advance of the original wedding date – on a price, cleaning method, and shipping date.

For the seller, the advantage is knowing that the dress is sold (and money has been recouped), before she walks down the aisle.

For a buyer, the advantage is knowing when she can purchase the exact gown she is looking for, in her size, at a price she knows she can afford.

Wedding dresses that are going to be offered as pre-sale can be altered with that in mind. This means that the seamstress leaves extra fabric in the seams, or saves it, which will make any future alterations easier.

Wedding Dress Pre-Sale
Pre-Sale: Enzoani Diana Available Oct. ’10

Pre-sale brides will also wear their wedding dress with resale in mind.  Brides who have sold their gowns in advance will take even more care of the gown while wearing it to ensure that it is in excellent condition for the next bride.

On PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com – sellers can list their for sale until it sells.  So putting a gown up for pre-sale, gives it even more time to find its next happy bride.  And when two brides can share an amazing dress, at half the price, everyone wins.