Why is Money Such a Problem for Remarrying Couples?

money and remarriage
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Money is just paper, but it is definitely a major issue among married couples. Finances and remarriage can only add to the money issues that couples face due to the added pressures of alimony and child support. In relation to marriage and money most couples experience issues and arguments in three key areas. It is best to approach each money issue differently and understand that money issues can lead to deeper relationship issues if they are not addressed properly.

Finances and Remarriage: The 3 Key Issues That Arise

Accountability For Expenditures

It can be very difficult for remarried couples to decide on accountability in regards to expenses and bills. Sometimes couples to choose to keep all expenses and bills separate, but this can lead to resentment and a feeling that true partnership is never obtained. It is best to share accountability evenly and make sure that both individuals feel equally responsible and accountable. If one person is carrying the load resentment will quickly build. Money issues are stressful and can result in emotional outbursts. However, if accountability is shared and accepted by both individuals equally, your union will feel more bonded and money issues will not be at the forefront of your relationship.

Remarried Couples Must Be Open and Honest

Finances and remarriage require honesty in regards to money and all issues associated with your shared income. In a marriage, you must be able to fully trust your partner and take them at their word. This is especially true for couples that have been hurt or lied to by their former spouses. If you can’t trust your partner to honestly handle a financial situation, then this can lead to deeper problems and issues. Once trust is broken, it can be difficult to repair. This requires you to handle your money exactly how you have agreed to. Money issues will always come up if honesty is not apparent in your marriage.

Similar Financial Goals

Money issues can lead to larger problems, because they can sometimes allude to conflicting goals. A couple is only truly happy when they are striving for the same thing. However, if you have different financial goals this could signal that you have different life plans. The way that you handle money often reflects how you feel about your partner. It is important that you have similar financial goals and work hard to meet them.