Why Choosing Amazon Wedding Registry Makes A Lot of Sense

Why Choosing Amazon Wedding Registry Makes a Lot of Sense

The , like all online wedding registries, promises to make the gifting part easy for you and your guests. Nearly every department store, home goods, and furniture store offers wedding registries, so it can be hard to decide where to register. It used to be recommended that you register at least one store located near the majority of your guests. These days just about everybody prefers to shop online so if you were looking to have one registry, which would it be? Well, the answer is simple.

With , couples are offered some key advantages over other registry websites and while it isn’t the prettiest interface in the world, it does have everything you can think of. And that includes for every part of the home, for every style genre, and for every price point–which is one of the most important benefits to choosing this route. Accessibility is key and Amazon has it.

Benefits of Amazon’s Wedding Registry

    • Massive Selection.
      Amazon has everything. Its selection has a substantial reach. There’s nearly anything and everything available that you may want to put on your registry right at your fingertips. From kayaks to storage containers, you can find it.
    • 10-20% Registry Completion Gift.
      Amazon gives you 10-20% (Non-prime members get 10% while Prime members receive 20%) off remaining items on your registry after the event for huge savings!
    • Earn Bonus Gifts.
      There’s a chance to earn bonus gifts too! Certain items or brands will hand out extra gifts when the original gift ideas have been purchased.
    • Amazing Prices.
      Guests will more likely buy you more of the expensive items if they’re priced at great amounts. With Amazon, you have a variety of items set at a variety of budgets.
    • Adding Items Is Easy.
      Browsing Amazon’s Registry Suggestions, which are smartly categorized, is really simple to navigate. Even the more novice tech-users can click and go with ease.
    • Curated Collections.
      Amazon began offering curated collections like “Streamlined Sanctuary” and “Eclectic Entertaining” that stir up a lot of inspiration and makes it easier for couples to find “matching” items for their new, newlywed space.
    • User reviews.
      When you choose a mixer or food processor, quality and nuances matter. Reviews help you choose the right products and they’re easy to find under each and every item.
    • Universal registry.
      You can add items from other shopping websites. Just download the Amazon registry button to your browser and you can add items from Target, Crate & Barrel, or even Restoration Hardware. Having all the items you want, from all the locations, in one place makes it a lot easier for your guests to choose and purchase.
    • Alternative selections.
      Not only can you add items from other stores to your Amazon registry but you can add alternative gift ideas as well, such as cash, gift cards, and experiences.
    • Easy returns.
      If you change your mind about a gift, Amazon makes it easy to return items purchased from the registry.
    • Thank you list.
      Amazon’s registry automatically pulls together a thank-you list that will give the name, address, and items purchased. This is such a time-saver and makes for a great reminder to get those cards written and sent out!

Where to Begin: Setting Up An Amazon Wedding Registry

Okay, so you’ve decided to take the leap and create an Amazon wedding registry, where do you begin? The steps are simple and easy-to-follow including:

    • Set up an account.
      To make an Amazon wedding registry, you’ll need to make sure you’ve set up an account first. *It’s important to note that your guests will need to create an account (or check-out as a guest) to purchase gifts through the site.
    • Provide all essential information.
      When the time comes to set up the actual registry, be prepared with all the necessary information including:

      • The couple’s names.
      • Shipping address for where you want gifts sent.
      • Wedding date, time, and location.
    • Download the Universal Registry button.
      Follow the steps to install this button so adding items from other sites to your registry is possible.
    • Check out the wedding registry checklist.
      Make sure you add all the essentials. By using a checklist, you make sure you include everything you may want or need – even the stuff you haven’t thought of yet or didn’t realize you could add!
    • Start adding items!
      Browse curated collections, look at best-seller lists, or check out “Amazon’s choice” items for inspiration.


    • Can we both add items to the list?
      Absolutely! And you can do so by just adding your partner’s email to the list as registrants. You can then make selections from each of your personal accounts.
    • Who can see my wedding registry?
      Whenever you’re setting up your registry you’ll have the option to make the list visible to only you, only people with a link, or make it public (and searchable) for everyone to view.
    • How can I share my wedding registry link?
      Your registry link is easily shareable through email or social media sites. You’ll have a unique URL that you can safely give to family and friends. Or, if you opt for the public option when it comes to viewability, guests can merely search your name and find it.
    • How much does the shipping cost?
      Well, it depends. Prime members will get free, two-day shipping on eligible items. Non-prime members will get free standard shipping on eligible items that total $25 or more. And all Amazon account holders will be able to track their shipping through the order window.
    • What’s the return policy for items bought on Amazon?
      Amazon’s return policy is really easy to handle. Free returns are offered within 180 days of delivery. Items purchased off your own registry, though, have a return window of 30 days. If you bought items through Amazon but from a third-party seller have their own policies for buyers need to make sure they read up on the details before they checkout.