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Have you been searching and searching for that perfect gift to give your bridesmaids? Well look no further than Coatt. Coatt’s entirely consuming labor of love are their morse coded necklaces. Using gold dots and dashes on silk cord, their jewelry spells out words, names, and phrases in Morse Code. This is the perfect, personalized gift to give your bridesmaids. Their specialty right now is their monogram silk bracelet which is a modern and feminine ID bracelet with your very own monogram written in Morse Code. The bracelets are available in two lengths with six colors of silk to choose from and feature gold dots and dashes on a 6.5″ gray silk cord with a 5mm gold clasp.


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It’s hard not to gush over Ryan Ray’s portfolio. Pretty, fresh, and joyful are words which came to mind while I was perusing through layer and after layer of gorgeous imagery on his site. So much light, love, and laughter. He says, “My clients have moved me. Their acts of sacrificial love and the overflowing joy they share spin my mind with imagery. My approach is honest. I want to create classic images that reflect that love and show that joy. Images that are timeless and will forever remind you of the passion that brings you together.” Be sure to check out his portfolio and blog to get the full picture of Ryan’s beautiful work.