Weekend Wedding Celebration In Portugal

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From the photographer:
Pedro is Portuguese, Rodrigo is Mexican, and they live in London. For their special wedding celebration, they decided to organize a full weekend in Portugal. On the first day, they flew in a progressive priest from Brooklyn to hold an intimate religious ceremony for close family and friends. This was immediately followed by a gorgeous welcome dinner at Palacio da Sao Vicente, an old covent in the very center of Lisbon. The second day of the weekend celebration was the wedding ceremony for a broader group of friends and family. The larger ceremony was held at glorious Penha Longa Resort, in Sintra. Sintra is one of Portugal’s jewels, and beauty is at every corner. The whole weekend was very special, but the ceremony was particularly special and emotional, with amazing vows exchanged on both sides. I asked if I could share Pedro’s vows to give a glimpse into this wonderful couple:

That day. That day we met. That day when I looked at you. That minute I looked into your eyes. Just at you.
I knew it. I knew it right then and there. I knew it was going to be forever. I knew life would not be the same before and after. I knew a page had turned, a chapter was ending and another one was beginning. I knew there was going to be life before and after. Before and after you.It took me all this years to be prepared for you. I was not waiting for you. But I was hoping you existed. So all this wait was worth it. I can now say, in front of our family and our friends, in front of all the people that has shaped our lives to this day that I am ready for you. And I am ready for us. I want you to know that I am the best version of myself when I am with you. I laugh more, dance more, smile more, dream more alongside you. I want to read more, travel even more, eat more – yes, eat more – jump more, dare more. I cry a lot more and a lot less. With you stars are brighter and there are more of them. Days are longer. Rainy days are good after all. You teach me everyday the secret of being happy. It’s a choice. Being happy is a choice. And you chose to be happy. With me. And because of that where there was a house there’s now a home. And where there was life there’s now a family. You and I.

Photography Greg Finck | Styling/Planning The Wedding Company Portugal | Floral Design Decofloralia | Venue Penha Longa Resort | Invitations Paperless Post | Wedding rings Tiffany & Co. | Videography Shot and Cut Films | Groom’s Attires Savile Row Company