Weddings On A Budget: Why A Micro-Wedding Might Be Right For You

Engaged couples today are struggling with the idea of shelling out big bucks on their wedding day. And rightfully so as budgets can quickly get out of hand. With so many pretty and expensive gowns, venues that break the bank and flowers… who knew they could be so expensive? 

Based on research by the top-rated wedding planning websites, the average wedding costs in excess of $34,000. And with such a high price tag, it is no surprise that millennials are searching for ways to reduce their wedding budget and its impact on their wallets. We’re going to share several ideas on how to have a budget-friendly wedding starting with the newest trend, hosting a micro-wedding.

Managing any wedding budget is the beginning of a successful marriage so are you wondering what is a micro-wedding and why a micro-wedding might be right for you?

Micro-Weddings Are The Newest Trend

The hottest trend in the wedding industry, micro-weddings, is being led by modern-day couples that are interested in saving money (not blowing it), avoiding the materialistic lifestyle and cherishing experiences.

What is a Micro-Wedding?

So, what exactly is a micro-wedding? Simply put, a micro-wedding is just a fancy way of saying a “small” or “intimate” wedding. And while the traditional large wedding is still the norm, we are definitely seeing a shift to the “tiny wedding” craze.

Different from a destination wedding, a micro-wedding is a local wedding that the couple intentionally keeps the guest list small. Generally speaking, these micro-weddings will have 15 – 30 guests in attendance and allows the couple to keep the wedding budget at a manageable level.

Benefits of Throwing a Micro-Wedding

At a large wedding with hundreds of guests, the bride and groom have to spend a large portion of the reception simply greeting and thanking their guests. This not only cuts into the fun and dancing but really leaves the guests feeling a little underappreciated.

Everyone wants to have quality time with the bride and groom, but it simply isn’t always possible. Enter the tiny wedding craze! If you are a couple that cherishes experiences and wants to spend more quality time with your closest friends a micro-wedding may be right for you.

Elopements Increasing In 2021

Another way couples are keeping their wedding budgets low is to elope. An elopement is where the couple plans a wedding with minimal to no guests. Many times, we will see just the bride and groom jet off to their favorite destination to tie the knot. After which the couple then announces to their loved ones that they are hitched.

Eloping not only keeps the wedding budget to a minimum but it also eliminates a lot of the stress that is associated with planning a big wedding. No bridesmaid drama, no seating chart dilemmas, and no huge dinner bill.

Used Wedding Dresses A Great Way To Keep Budget Down

Buying a wedding dress that has been worn by another bride is a great way to get more bang for your buck! The used wedding dress industry is booming right now with thousands of brides listing their wedding dresses for sale every day on websites such as OnceWed and PreOwnedWeddingDresses.

You can search online from the comfort of your home and purchase it for as much as 85% less than retail cost. This type of savings impacts your wedding budget tremendously.

Many modern-day brides just can’t understand the need to fork over thousands of dollars on a dress that will only be worn for five or six hours. This is why we are seeing such a huge shift to brides buying secondhand wedding dresses.

Especially if you are thinking about having a tiny wedding with only a dozen or so guests, then an expensive wedding dress may be too extravagant. You get to say “I Do” in your dream gown at a fraction of the cost!

The micro-wedding trend is taking off! And don’t worry, you can still have an unforgettable wedding without the big guest list and budget. You can choose to plan every detail yourself or hire one of the many micro-wedding services that are popping up everywhere.

The key to having a dream wedding on a budget is this: find a beautiful used wedding dress, invite-only a few friends and family, and create the best memories ever.

Cheers to the micro-wedding revolution!