Wedding transportation ideas for hitting the road as newlyweds

You’ve just tied the knot and now it’s time to begin your life together as a married couple. Whether you’re making your grand exit after the ceremony as you head to the reception or are headed off to honeymoon bliss, travel in style with these memorable wedding transportation solutions.

Vintage Car

Timeless, gorgeous, and perfect for a wedding getaway car. Take a joyride or hire a driver for the day to enjoy riding in the vintage car of your dreams. Going to classic car shows to pick out your favorite models makes for a great date night.

vintage car wedding transportation ideas
Photo by Scott Webb


Party bus, school bus, VW bus, even an RV. Whatever is big enough to transport you and as many guests, attendants, or family members as you would like and all have fun together along the way. Decorate the bus, paint the windows to say just married, or get a bus strictly for the convenience of it all. Buses make a great option for couples whose guests are staying in a hotel room block and will all be going to the same place at the end of the night.


A classic wedding transportation tradition that comes with the added bonus of having a driver. Available in a variety of sizes you can travel as a couple, party with your wedding attendants, or bring your family.

Limo wedding day transportation
Photo by Cindy Baffour


Riding a bike in a wedding dress might be hard….but that’s why wedding jumpsuits were invented (okay maybe not for that exact purpose, but boy do we love them). Peddle away in style as newlyweds or take a lap around your venue if you don’t need to transport yourself from ceremony to reception. We’re all for adding “Just Married” signs to your bike baskets!


Roll out in style on a Segway, or go hands-free with a hoverboard. Just be sure to practice your exit ahead of time (and in the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day). No one wants to face plant when all eyes (and cameras) are on them.

Bride and groom wedding entrance on Segway
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Horse-drawn carriage

Romantic, elegant, stylish and a wonderful option no matter the weather. Curl up under a blanket as you take in a snowy scene after a winter wedding, or enjoy the crisp fall air. Rain, sun or snow, a horse-drawn carriage makes a stunning wedding photo opportunity.


Rev those engines so everyone can hear the celebration as you ride off into the sunset! Make a note that wearing a helmet will need to be factored into your wedding motorocycle transportation

Photo by Amy Sims Photography


Necessary? No. Realistic? Not likely. But hey, a person can dream right?

Featured image by Thomas Curryer