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Toasts and Speeches for Second Weddings

Second marriage speeches can be tricky, so be tactful when you make your toast. Always check your words out with a close family member first.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing the bridesmaid speech, best man speechfather of the bride speech or the groom wedding speech either, because second weddings aren’t first weddings things can get ackward fast. Giving a speech or toast at a second wedding doesn’t have to be hard if you use some commom sense and keep things light-hearted. Follow some basic rules and do some preparation work.

Below we have a long example second wedding speech you can use as a guide, but for those who want a quick and dirty list of second wedding quotes, here are some you can leverage:

Voice of experience: ‘There was once a very famous and successful Avis car rental advertising campaign, that simply said: ‘We’re number two. We try harder.’ Well this may be marriage number two for this happy couple but like Avis, they’re sure to turn their experience to their advantage. So please raise your glasses to the bride and groom!’

Second chance of happiness: ‘Sue and Colin are so good together that it’s hardly surprising that they’ve decided to give marriage another try. All weddings are special occasions, but perhaps this one is even more so, because it represents a second chance of happiness for both of them ‐‐ and they’ve decided to grab it with both hands. Good luck to them! Please raise your glasses to the happy couple and wish them all the very best for the future. To the happy couple!’

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Best Man Speech, Second Marriage for Bride and Groom

My name is James, and on behalf of Matthew and Angie, I would like to thank you for attending this union today! I have the double honor of acting as both Officiant and Best Man tonight, and am thrilled to be with these two fantasic people as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

This is an especially eventful day because it offers Angie and Matthew each a second chance at happiness. What a wonderful day of hope and joy, peace and contentment. Angie and Matthew have each walked many miles to be here together today, and this wedding is a joy to behold. I can speak for everyone in this room when I say we all wish you the happiness that you deserve. We are so glad that you have found love again, and this day is a reminder that the best is yet to come.

You’ve both worked hard to get here today, and when life handed you difficulties, it did not make you bitter, it made you better. Your marriage to each other is a true triumph of hope over experience. It’s been said that if marriage is to be a success, one should begin by marrying the right person.

It’s obvious that each of you is indeed marrying the right person today.Angie and Matthew met as students taking architecture classes. These two wonderful people, who know how to build homes, and bridges, and all sorts of other things, are blessed to know that any thing that is going to last a long time starts with a good foundation. Keeping these rules in mind, it is already clear that the foundation Matthew and Angie have created for their life together is sturdy, and will withstand all the storms and sunny days ahead.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple who compliment each other as much as these two do. Matthew is an intelligent, soft-spoken, organized and witty man. He is very well respected in his field of architecture, and he’s just a generally all round nice guy, too!

Angie is a dear, dear friend who has been on a spiritual journey to better herself and I would say she has had a remarkable quest. In her business, Angie focuses her architecture with a “healing” aspect (colors, material, placement of windows, doors, etc.). I have always been amazed at her ability to pull things together and transform the dull and ordinary into something extraordinary.

I enjoy watching Angie and Matthew challenge each other to continuously be better. They are very supportive of each other, and while they compete in the same field, they are never competitors. They are two people with a wonderful amount of synergy and they are a joy to know. Their family is rounded out by Samantha, Angie’s little girl, and the three of them seem very content to make this new family together!

They say that there is no surprise as magical as finding your life’s mate later in life. You two must feel the magic, because it seems as if your happiness emanates from you on this very magical day!

I really feel that I would be remiss if I did not just give you a couple of pieces of advice. Primarily, though, Matthew, these are directed at you.

  • Never go to bed angry………….always stay up and argue.
  • Always remember the three little words…….”You’re right dear”.
  • Keep the lid down, and
  • The best way to remember your anniversary is to forget it once.

Let’s raise our glasses as we toast this couple: May you both live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

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Giving a toast at a second wedding is a nice thing, but most people freak out and don’t know what to say. Where do I start? Is a second wedding different than a first wedding? How do I keep it safe? Can I be humurous? Lots of questions run through people’s minds. Before you begin your wedding speech or toast preparation, check out our five wedding speech tips that you must follow:

  • Be Personal. How do you know the couple? How did you meet them? How did they meet? Do you know details of the proposal? Do they have kids and who are those kids? Making it personal shows you put in the effort and everybody present is going to appreciate the love and connection that comes from doing that.
  • Be Funny Wedding speeches should have with humor. They key to humor in a wedding toast is balancing funny with serious. If it’s too heartfelt, guests will start to fall asleep. If you’re still telling jokes 5 minutes into the speech, then people will lose the true meaning of the event.
  • Say “Thank You”. Thank the relevant people and make sure you’re specific where you can be. This takes some preparation, make sure you ask around to see who helped out with the wedding. If there are kids on either side, make sure you specifically call our the children and say some nice things about them.
  • Big Opening. Big Closing.  You need to get people’s attention immediately so have a one-liner ready to open things up. Use a short second wedding specific toast to get everybody interested in your speech. Then close with a cute saying or a funny quote.
  • Be Brief & Memorable This is a second wedding so there is no need for a long speech. No reason at all. Don’t bore people with a long speech, especially the bride and groom who have been married before. Short and sweet.