Wedding “To Do” List

All-Inclusive Wedding “To Do” List: The Complete Timeline

You’ve been asked! And you said yes!

Now it’s time to get busy… and organized with a vision. Planning an event this big is no piece of (wedding) cake, but, fortunately, you can tackle it all in bite-size bits. Here’s our handy timeline of what to do when:

Month to Month Wedding Planning Checklist


12+ Months

Get Inspired

​Peruse magazines and blogs to build your Pinterest board(or old school scrapbook). This is not just for fun: Pictures can help you figure out what kind of wedding you want and communicate with your vendors, too.

Settle on Biggies

​As in the budget, date, and headcount. Check with your families first to see what they can contribute, to find out who their VIP’s ane and to make sure there aren’t any conflicts (i.e. Grandma’s 100th birthday).

Find a Planner

Connect with a local Planner or start your planning binder. It’s never too early to get organized.

Start Your Registry

Your on-it friends will use it to send engagement presents right away. P.S if your registered at Macy’s you will get perks & privileges that will immediately come in handy for engagement parties, photos and more. Create your registry here.

9-11 Months

Especially for a destination wedding, you’ll want to block rooms at hotels (often they’ll offer a group discount) and give guests guidance on how to get there. Otherwise, your grandma will end up in a flea-ridden motel riding the bus to your wedding. Don’t do that to her, please.

Book Your Venues

Make sure you have a ballpark guest list first to be sure your ceremony and reception locations can accommodate everyone.

Pick Your Party

Whether you shoot them all an email or send an elaborate gift, now’s the time to let your best friends know you want them to be involved

​in your big day.

Start Shopping For Your Dress

The best part! And it’s good to nail down early – it will set the tone for your wedding (casually romantic? elegantly glamorous?) and they take ages to make.

Research Your Vendors

Depending on your event. you’ll enlist a caterer, florist, photographer, musicians and more. Meet with them now to get a ​sense of their talents and book your favorites ASAP.

Look Into Travel & Accommodations

Especially for a destination wedding, you’ll want to block rooms at hotels (often they’ll offer a group discount) and give guests guidance on how to get there. Otherwise, your grandma will end up in a flea-ridden motel riding the bus to your wedding. Don’t do that to her, please.

Create A Wedding Website

These days it’s the norm to create a wedding website, even if you just do a  basic page. Add in info about your venues, travel and hotel arrangements, ​registry and a few fun shots of you and your fiance’.

6-8 Months

Send Out Save The Dates

A new-ish practice of sending a save the date card is super-helpful to get your wedding on everyone’s calendar. Include your website URL so you don’t have to field that “How do I get there?” question a thousand times.

Bring the Pros

It’s decision time! Lock in those vendors you’ve been meeting with before it’s too late.

Start Your Fitness Game

​Between engagement photos, showers and of course, the big day you’ve got lots of photo ops coming up. Get moving now, so you can confidently head down the aisle!

4-5 Months

Pick Party Outfits

Pick party outfits for the wedding party, but you can shop for yourself too! Choose your groom’s suit and bridesmaid’s dresses first, then use those to guide the groomsmen, moms(we suggest a dress in a richer version of the bridesmaid’s hue) and any other


Book Your Honeymoon

It’s not just a vacation, it’s a totally necessary time to recharge and reconnect after those last hectic weeks of planning.

Finalize Your Rentals

​Settle on your linen, tables, and anything else not provided by your venue. By now you’ve separated the wheat from the ecru and you can spot a 36 inch round from a mile away.

2-3 Months


Shop for your wedding shoes and jewelry, a rehearsal dinner dress, something special for the honeymoon and, oh yea your wedding ​bands. They’re kind of important.

Book Key Appointments

Schedule your dress fittings, hair and makeup trials (please don’t just wing it the day of), spa treatments and a just-in-case slot with your dermatologist the Thursday before the wedding in case a rough pimple erupts. If you’ll be using any new products on your big day, ​try them now to weed out any allergies.

Send Your Wedding Invitations

Yes, it’s really happening! Mail them out at least 2 months before the big day so your guests have time to respond and book any accommodations. Review and replenish your registry at the same time, ​since this is when everyone will be buying you gifts.

1 ​Month

Get Serious About Sleep

And cultivate some other healthy habits too: cut back on booze, ramp up on fruits and veggies and sneak in fresh air walks at ​lunchtime, so you’ll be glowing by the big day.

Find Ways to Say Thanks

Buy gifts for your attendants (jewelry for your bridesmaids and cufflinks of an engraved flask for your groomsmen are a good bet), draft any speeches for the rehearsal dinner and reception and consider getting your soon-to-be spouse something to open on the ​wedding day.

Get Your Marriage License

Don’t put this off! You want to be legal…Right

1-2 Weeks

Seating Charts

And where they’ll sit, too. Follow up on any stragglers and map out that seating chart.

Spruce Up

Get one last hair cut or color at least a week out and get your nails done a day or two before the wedding.

Pack Your Bags

Pack your bags for both the wedding and the honeymoon. Bundle together accessories for your wedding-related ensembles, so you’re ​not hunting for them at the last minute.

Day of Wedding

Fuel Up

Sleep in as late as you can, eat a decent breakfast, savor a cup (not three!) of coffee and bond with your besties as you are getting ​ready- you want to gather your energy for the big event.

…And Enjoy

Chances are, something will go wrong today. Don’t sweat it. No one else will notice if there are daisies in the centerpieces instead of daffodils, or if your sister didn’t tie the bows just right on the favors. Remember: as long as your married to the one you love at the end ​of the day the wedding went perfect. Focus on the positive and Live it up!