Wedding Dress Pre-Sale (What It Is and Why It Works)

Ask any bride and she’ll tell you why the phrase “dream wedding dress” exists.  It’s because for many women, there is a “THE dress”, the one that’s an absolutely perfect expression of their style and personality.  And one they look and feel their most beautiful in.

But sometimes, the perfect dress comes with a costly price tag. Enter “Pre-Sale”, the clever bride’s way to afford the dress of her dreams.

Pre-Sale is listing a wedding dress for sale before the original owner wears it.  Since the dress is on  the market before the wedding, the bride has the opportunity to sell it before she wears it (and walk down the aisle knowing that part of her dress investment has already been recovered).

Here’s how it works: The original owner lists the gown for sale once she purchases it, usually 6-8 months before her wedding.  Interested buyers can connect with her at anytime.  If the buyer and seller agree on the sale, they can make an agreement that is executed once the seller’s wedding date passes.

Pre-sales benefits the seller, but it also benefits the buyer.  Now she knows exactly when her dream dress, in her size, will be available – at a price that works for her.  It’s win-win.

Many brides tell us about their great experiences with pre-sale.  Like Kathleen, who sold her Vera Wang Gemma before her wedding and became friends with the bride who bought it.  You can read her sweet story here.

Pre-Sale can help a bride afford her dream dress…and that’s why we love the idea.  All of the gowns in the post are listed as pre-sale.  If one of these is your perfect dress, now could be your opportunity!