Wedding Decor Rentals Made Easy with Rentivist

Finding great wedding decor can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for rental items. Many of us are heavily restricted by what’s available to us locally, as well as by budget. Many couples run into the dilemma of finding the perfect decor piece, only to discover that it’s only available for purchase and not for rent. Maybe it’s those amazing metallic vases, or an incredible ceremony backdrop. Do you shell out the cash to buy it? And what will you do with it after the wedding? Enter our new favorite site, Rentivist.

Rentivist is a fantastic online platform, connecting people who own great decor items with those who want to rent them. Here’s the best part: Rentivist supports you from both sides of the rental equation!

Rent the Perfect Wedding Decor
Rentivist has literally thousands of amazing decor pieces available for rent, from all around the US. From the basics (like dance floors to table linens) to the really cool things you can’t find anywhere else (think colored glassware, vintage coffee tables, and a gingerbread trim arbor!), the wide assortment of options available will ensure you find just the perfect detail to complete your wedding design.

Rent Your Items
If you’re a wedding professional with a big inventory or simply bought a lot of things for your wedding that you don’t know what to do with, then you can sign up to be a Rentivist Lister. Those porcelain bread bowls you had to have for your wedding might finally earn their keep!

Rentivist’s goal is to make the world a much more styled place, one rentable at a time – and it’s definitely working! If you are interested in listing pieces with, be sure to check out their current promotion where you can receive 30% off any subscription of your choosing! Our exclusive code is ow1630 – use it between now and August 15th, 2016! For even more details, CLICK HERE.