Unique Registry Ideas from Envelope

What if you could go on the most relaxing, luxurious weeklong honeymoon to Maui? And while you were there, you could hike a volcano and take in the view. How about snorkel up close with sea turtles? Or maybe just relax with a frozen drink and a meal at the resort swim up bar?

What if this could be paid for with your wedding registry?

Now it can with Envelope Registry.

Envelope makes it easy for you to make priceless memories, without worrying about the price tag. Unlike other online registries, Envelope’s items aren’t tied to particular brand. Instead, they collect cash contributions from your guests and send it straight to your bank account. You can decide how to spend it!

So maybe you are thinking, “This sounds amazing, but I still want those copper mugs and some really nice cast iron pans” to use after the honeymoon. No problem. Envelope allows you to register for products and traditional gifts as well.

Lastly, Envelope will even help you send beautiful personalized thank you cards to your guests right from your computer.  This means that you can spend your precious time enjoying the experiences (and items) from your registry!

Check out a live registry HERE to start brainstorming for your unique registry.