Top Wedding Website Builders

We Have Put Together a List of the Top Wedding Website Builders, Wedding Site Templates, Ideas, & Tips on Putting Yours Together!

Creating a wedding website has become one of the best ways to keep all the details for your big day organized and all the details of your big day shared with family and friends. Back in the day, you could only get a wedding website with The Knot and while that product has been updated in recent years we found that newer tools were simply much better.

Wedding websites are really perfect for getting all the information about your wedding out to your family and friends. It is also a fun project to bring couples together and really celebrate this amazing journey you will be going through. If you’re ready to share your wedding experience by building a wedding website, we hope our shortlist of the top wedding website tools is helpful.

We looked at several factors in deciding:

Wedding Website Design Themes.
The theme choices we wanted to see had a variety and lots of options for getting a wedding website look that reflected different styles. Some great site builders had only limited theme choices while others had a nice mix of distinct options.

Responsive Design.
Your guests will thank you when they check out your website on their mobile device and it works perfectly. It is expected in this day that sites work on all platforms.

Free To Start.
This is probably the best thing about the solutions we loved, each had a free/trial offer so you could build your wedding website and try all the tools before committing.

Ease of Use.
Choose a template, add some pictures and stories, add information about your wedding and other events, and add the contact information of your guests. It should be simple and easy to do that.

Lots of Features.
We wanted our recommended site builder to have lots of solid features that made customization easy but also solved some very wedding-specific use cases. Things like wedding registries, guest list management, and RSVP functionality are needed for weddings.

Top Wedding Websites Features

Interactive Guestbook
Let your visitors leave their best wishes for you and your fiancée. Entries can be added in real-time with some services so that you can see who has visited your site and left comments.

Offer Directions
Set up a page on your wedding website to outline all the events and gatherings prior to your wedding. You can provide directions to your events and you could even upload maps or provide links to an online map service to assure no one gets lost.

Who is in your Wedding party?
Everyone always wants to know who you have selected to be in your wedding party. Create a special page just for them; include bios’ photos’ stories and more.

Offer Online RSVP
Save time, money and stress by allowing guests to RSVP right on your own site. Most services offer this feature and will send you an e-mail immediately when someone RSVPs. You can also login to the saved RSVP’s to keep track of who has/hasn’t responded.

Your wedding site is not only useful to your guests but very valuable to those loved ones who cannot make it to the wedding. Maybe you have family or friends overseas who cannot attend, a website allows them to feel a part of your plans and your big day.

Password Protection
Password protection is a great way to keep prying eyes from sensitive information. It is smart to protect your website if there is anyone you would rather not be a part of your big day.

Personal Stories
Share the romantic way in which your proposal transpired. Share your personal story on how you met your fiancée and vice versa. Everyone will love the details and putting this information online will make a great read for friends and family.

Link to Gift Registries
Letting people know where you are registered can sometimes be awkward since wedding etiquette claims listing your gift registry on a wedding invitation is a no-no. Adding this information to your site makes for a great way to let everyone know where you are registered.

After the Wedding?
Wedding sites are not only great to announce your wedding and provide details about what is coming up, but they are just as important to provide information and photos after your wedding. You know everyone is waiting for you to bring your wedding album over so why make them wait? Simply upload some photos online and let them enjoy sooner rather than later. You can also update your website with honeymoon photos and comments; everyone will love to hear about your trip. A great way to remind people to visit your site after the wedding is to print your web address on your favors or to print it on your thank you cards. Wedding websites…the personal assistant for every busy bride.

​With that in mind, here our recommendations for the top 4 wedding website builders:

Weebly Free 


With over 40 million websites, Weebly is the big dog in this space. While not a dedicated wedding website builder it is so flexible and easy to use that it is impossible to ignore. It is one of the best website builders out there no matter the type of site you are trying to build.

We found Weebly’s themes to be beautiful and very flexible. All the sites were responsive and we were blown away with the ease of use. For wedding websites that need things like RSVPs and some of the more wedding-specific custom tools we’ve mentioned you would need to look at Weebly’s App Center for that added functionality. Most importantly, Weebly is totally free. You can upgrade to paid plans (we did), but if budget is a factor it is hard to ignore. Our winner.


eWedding Websites for Weddings ​
They offer everything you need to make your wedding website a success. Included features are: Unlimited Photos, Unlimited Events, Unlimited RSVP’s, Unlimited Updates, Unlimited Support.With over 800,000 wedding websites built eWedding website tool is one of the wedding stalwarts. They know weddings and it is all they do. With advanced tools that let you share your relationship timeline, receive texts when guests RSVP and so much more, this is a fully developed platform.Receiving RSVP’s is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. Get them texted to your phone in real-time. When did you meet? When was your first kiss? When did he pop the question? Share it easily on your own interactive timeline! is built from the ground up for desktop and mobile. You’re mobile, your friends are mobile, so is mobile.The main negative with is that the themes are a little dated and it isn’t as intuitive to use as tools like Weebly.

Riley & Grey

This is where couples can build luxury style wedding websites. There are a host of limited-edition templates that come from the same “digital tastemakers” that work alongside the NY Times and Conde Nast. 

Riley & Grey includes an easy step-by-step process for setting up your wedding site. But although it’s simple enough to follow, there’s enough flexibility to make the space unique to each couple. There’s even a space where you can create quality wedding invitations that go right along with your wedding website – and an entire suite that can follow. Sites can also be translated to fit the needs of guests that visit from all over the world as well as including a digitized RSVP guest list to keep everything neatly organized and paper-free. 

Try Riley & Grey

Appy Couple

Appy Couple
Delight your guests and keep everyone organized. RSVPs, photo sharing, privacy, travel, chat and more. Everything you need in one place. The way it’s meant to be.

AppyCouple is one of the new entrants, arriving a few years ago. In that short period of time, they have made a big impact in the wedding website space. AppCouple is full of features like guest list tools, RSVP management, wedding registry setup, travel details and much more. We loved everything about this amazing tool and were able to quickly create some really beautiful websites. We found AppyCouple to be very easy to use and it had reasonable pricing with lots of features. The biggest weakness was that the themes were creative, but the structure was basically the same for each one.

Try Appycouple

How Do I Make a Wedding Website?

We take for granted that today there are lots of amazing wedding website tools at our disposal for creating the amazing details about our special day. That wasn’t always the case. Back in the day creating a wedding website was simply out of the reach of most people.

​Tools like Weebly arrived about 5 years ago and made creating a stunning free wedding website quick and easy. You don’t need technical skills (and some tools like Weebly actually allow you to build your wedding website from your iPad through their apps). You simply drag and drop your way to a free wedding websites that will wow your guests.

Generally, the steps are consistent across platforms:

  • Choose a wedding template
  • Pick your colors scheme
  • Add the appropriate pages
  • Fill each page with content
  • Include a blog so that you can send updates
  • Add RSVP capabilities
  • Add your registry details​

Wedding Website Templates

Depending on the wedding website builder you choose, customizing your wedding website can be easy or hard. Some platforms allow you build your free wedding website with 100% ability to customize the look and feel and the ability to make changes on the fly in case you want to try different design options. These platforms typically will have few wedding website templates but infinite alterations make it easy to get the look you want.

Other platforms make you choose from a pre-defined selection of design schemes and colors and you are expected to simply paste your content. With these platforms, there will often be hundreds of designs and templates to choose from so you will have lots of choices but will spend a lot of time finding the perfect design.

The good news is that the themes available on all the platforms we recommended allow you to create a stunning website perfect for your wedding.


Wedding Website Ideas & Samples

Getting inspiration for your wedding website isn’t too hard. A quick look at Pinterest allows you to find some unique and creative wedding website ideas with a few clicks. That’s exactly what we did in our search for wedding website ideas. Below are 18 wedding website examples that made the top of our list of our favorite wedding websites.

​The wedding sites are from all of the top platforms mentioned above so there is lots of choice from the main wedding website builders. Hopefully, they inspire your own wedding website designs.

Some of the platforms have specialty wedding website templates where you simply change the text and images. Others have wedding website themes that are totally customizable. When looking at the ideas on how to design your wedding website keep in mind that you may or may not make many changes depending on the platform.

Why All Engaged Couples Need Personal Wedding Websites

Ringgg…ringggg, “What are the directions to the church?” Ringgg… ringgg, “When is the bridal shower?” Ring Ring “Did you get our RSVP?” Dealing with the stress and time consumption of planning a wedding is hard enough, having 1000 phone calls per week can just take the fun out of it altogether. You need a personal wedding site. Think of it as your own personal assistant. Wedding websites allow you, as a couple, to share all the details of your wedding with friends and family no matter where they live.

Personal wedding sites come in all shapes and sizes, literally. You, or a talented friend, could design your own personal wedding website. Another option is to use a free online service which usually offers the ability to post one photo, some important dates and how you met. You could upgrade to a paid service which frequently offers the most features for a wedding website, some even give you your own personal web address, your own .com!

One important feature of wedding websites is of course photos. Remember, the friends and family of your fiancé may hardly know who you are, they will love seeing photos of you both. You can post photos from when you were little tikes right up to your engagement photos. Other great features you can make use of are: