Top 5 DIY Wedding Flowers

top-5-diy-wedding-flowersLet’s be honest, doing your own flowers for your wedding day is a big undertaking, but it is possible! It’s a fantastic way to save a little money, and if you have the talent, we encourage you to go for it. We’ve rounded up the only 5 tutorials you’ll ever need to create a stunning wedding from ceremony to reception! And keep reading for some pro tips on how to best plan for your DIY wedding flowers.

long-hypertufta-moss-cement-organic-centerpiece-DIY-ferns-maidenhair-lily-of-the-valley-thyme-farm-table1. These awesome DIY hypertufa pot centerpieces were handmade by Rylee Hitchner for her small backyard wedding, and you could easily recreate these and pot the plants ahead of time for your wedding to achieve a gorgeous and organic look!

diy-wedding-wreath-ideas2. A stunning DIY wreath like this one from Rosegolden flowers would be a great addition to any church, and again- this could easily be prepared ahead of your wedding and hung right before your walk down the aisle!

flower-crown-for-wedding-veil3. Now that you have decor taken care of, you can start on your bridal party! Get started with a lovely DIY wax flower halo like this. You can even take this tutorial and create darling crowns for your flower girls!

DIYBoutonniere-134. This DIY boutonniere tutorial from Ashley Beyer is sure to teach you how to outfit your guy with a lovely and easy to create bout!

tree-peony-lavender-wedding-bouquet5. And the Pièce de résistance to your DIY wedding could be this simple DIY peony bouquet! After you create the bouquet of your dreams, take these steps and design smaller versions for your bridesmaids to finish everything off.

Pro tip #1: To create a cohesive aesthetic for your wedding, choose a limited color palette with a lot of variation within the type of species of flowers you use and then you’ll have limitless options for your centerpieces, bouts, and bouquets! Your florals will look richer if you include a bit of diversity in the textures you use.

Pro tip #2: To get your hands on some stunning blooms, contact your local wholesaler or ask around as to where you can locate a large selection of flowers to choose from. Some wholesalers require a tax ID, but you may ask if they’ll let you make a one-off purchase! If you have something specific in mind for your wedding, it’s best to order ahead of time (on your wedding week, the selection at the wholesaler may not be as large as you would like).

Pro tip #3: Take advantage of what nature has given you. In the great outdoors, you can find some stunning greenery, and if the season is right, you may even find some blooms!

Pro tip #4: Flowers will NORMALLY last around 2 days outside of a cooler (this varies depending on the type of flower), so if at all possible, wait until you absolutely can’t wait anymore to put together your florals. Some people may tell you to put your flowers in the refrigerator at home, and that’s fine, but the fridge may also freeze the flowers if it’s too cold. Also make sure to place the flowers in the center of the refrigerator so they don’t touch any of the sides.

Pro tip #5: Have fun. Playing with flowers is very therapeutic, and the most beautiful arrangements come together when you’re just trying to have fun!