Top 10 Unexpected Wedding Songs

When you think about it, music is like the fairy godmother to all our great love stories. Deep down, if you look hard enough, all of the inspiration you need is within yourself – music simply brings out the strongest parts of our emotions and shows us what our feelings really mean.

A fairy godmother “gets” us. She appreciates who we are and highlights our best traits. If music is to do the same thing, the First Dance song at your wedding has a lot of pressure behind it. For decades to come, playing that song will take you back to the first time you danced as a married couple. You’ll tell your kids when it comes on the radio, and you might even get the lyrics tattooed on your wrist someday. This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Unlike other roundups, this Top 10 Wedding Songs list acknowledges that brides come at this choice from many different perspectives. Just as I appreciate a truly unique & personalized wedding, I also value music choices that reflect the couple and what they mean to each other. I “get” you.

That’s why I’m here with a Top 10 Wedding Songs list that’s broken down by wedding style:

For the Classic Bride: The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

It doesn’t get more classic than Frankie. You’ll remind your grandpa of the good old days while choosing a song that never goes out of style.

For the Boho Bride: Dreamer – Isbells

Doesn’t this just make you want to dance barefoot in a field with a mountaintop in the background?

For the Modern Bride: The Wings – Gustavo Santaolalla

The richness and elegance of this song is in it’s simplicity. Just like your centerpieces.

For the DIY Bride: Sewn – The Feeling

Marriage is the ultimate DIY project, and this song values a good visceral description of true attachment.

For the Southern Bride: Forget Me Not – The Civil Wars

This soulfully romantic tune has just the right amount of melancholy, like any good Southern vibe.

For the City Bride: New York State of Mind – Billy Joel

When the only thing greater than the love for your city is the your love for each other.

For the Destination Bride: Constellations – Jack Johnson

Perfect for the couple with an eternal case of wanderlust.

For the Vintage Bride: Crystal – Stevie Nicks

Stevie’s raspy voice and soul-baring lyrics will fit perfectly alongside your eclectic stack of vintage china and slightly worn velvet settee.

For the Non-Traditional Bride: My Type – Saint Motel

You’re not about some slow and subdued waltz around the dance floor – you want to be pumped up by your first dance, and this song is perfect.

For the Bride Who Wants to Choreograph a Dance With Her Fiance: Happy – Pharrell Williams

Just TRY to not smile. It’s impossible. Put yourself in the best mood imaginable before the real fun of your reception even begins.

Happy dancing!

Article and Graphic: Stephanie Schertz