Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in South America

What better place to celebrate your new life together  as newlyweds than to immerse yourselves in the land of culture, diversity, adventure and romance?  Yes we are talking about South America honeymoon packages that have more to offer than you can imagine. Whether you are looking to mingle or keep to yourselves, the possibilities for a romantic getaway are endless in this charming continent. From exotic beaches to natural glaciers, thick evergreen forests to dry deserts, visit South America for an unforgettable experience.

Here is our pick of top destinations for spending an idyllic honeymoon.

Bahia Bustamante, Argentina

This is a virgin paradise waiting to be discovered by you and your special one, making Bahia Bustamante one of the most magical South America honeymoon ideas. This place is exactly what new love needs to blossom. From its crystal clear waters to pearly white sandy beaches, Bahia Bustamante is ideal for a couple who wants to spend their day exploring the beauty of nature, including fauna, and counting the stars at night. Imagine, you could be playing with penguins and watching birds of paradise dancing in the jungle!

Bariloche, Argentina

“Switzerland of Argentina” is an appropriate nickname for this magnificent town located on the banks of the quaint Nahuél Huapí Lake. The mountains are covered in snow surrounded by deep blue lakes and lush green forests. As South America honeymoon ideas go, it is  perfect as you get to experience both the natural beauty and modern luxury. We would recommend a stay at the Cacique Inacayal Hotel or Design Suites on your holiday to Bariloche. Both hotels are secluded, and offer everything a newlywed couple may need including some of the best local restaurants and spas.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Everybody loves Rio! Who wouldn’t want to cavort around this gorgeous, vibrant city full of good-looking people?  A ride to Sugarloaf Mountain in a cable car, or a day spent scaling the Corcovado Mountain to see the iconic Christ Redeemer statue will leave you amazed at the landscape’s beauty. You could also do the rounds of Rio’s glorious beaches, spectacular subtropical rainforests and Copacabana. Rio is the center of all things colorful and fun. Fiesta, football and food—this city has everything to offer for young and adventurous honeymooners. One of the things that makes Rio among the most amazing South America honeymoon ideas is the vast variety of  exciting accommodation. Try the Belmond Copacabana Palace, a magnificent hotel with vintage outlook and décor. If you prefer something contemporary and modern, you can opt for the Hilton Hotel.

Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

The perfect South America honeymoon packages would be incomplete without a mention of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls that leave you breathless. The National Park of Foz Do Iguaçu, which boasts of 270 such waterfalls, has a vast variety of sub-tropical flora and fauna, exotic birds and delightful animals. For the perfect honeymoon, try the Orient Express Hotel which has a tie-up with the historic Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas  famously known for its exquisite and stylish ambience and top-notch service.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

One of the more interesting South America honeymoon ideas for couples who love nature, hiking and exploring, is Madidi National Park in Bolivia . The Madidi National Park contains more than 2,000 varieties of birds and animals and 4,500 species of plants. The park has picturesque landscapes and beautiful valleys and cliffs, cascading waterfalls and sparkling rivers. Take home some of the best memories and of course pictures after an idyllic honeymoon at Bolivia’s National Park.

Torres del Paine, Chile

A dream vacation for newlyweds, this little “Crown Jewel” of Chile has an amazing national park,  beautiful sunsets, towering mountains, a landscape filled with blossoming flowers and quiet seclusion—the perfect place to be for a couple in love. There are plenty of hotels and resorts here that offer attractive South America honeymoon packages. The Awasi Patagonia Hotel for instance offers personal villas complete with Jacuzzi and fireplace, for those idyllic romantic evenings you will never tire of!

Easter Island, Chile

This little island in the middle of nowhere makes for the perfect getaway as South America honeymoon packages go. The island is an ideal honeymoon destination as it is untouched by mass tourism and the mystery surrounding the islands adds to its allure. The nearly 900 ancient monumental stone statues or moai and the fantastic view of the ocean will leave you spellbound and refreshed. This tiny island has a number of grand hotels that offer an enchanting combination of comfort and luxury with splendid bars, restaurants and spas.

Arequipa, Peru

This simple yet delightful little town is situated at the foothills of three volcanoes: Pichu Pichu, Chachani and Misti. White volcanic rock or sillar was used in the construction of the city, earning the city its nickname: White City. The charming town, with magnificent surroundings including monasteries and delicious food is great getaway, and among the more attractive South America honeymoon ideas. The Casa Arequipa Hotel makes for a cozy stay complete with colonial interiors and intimate ambience.

Chachapoyas, Peru

Want to have an adventure on your honeymoon? Nothing can beat Chachapoyas, with its archaeological ruins and artifacts. This place will make you feel like Indiana Jones—of course, Indian Jones with his significant other. What are the South America honeymoon ideas here? Well, you can explore mountain ranges, go off the beaten track on winding paths, and enjoy the sub-tropical weather of Chachapoyas as a cozy twosome. Of course the right hotel makes the trip even more romantic. The Gocta Lodge Hotel, for instance, offers the most breathtaking views of nearby mountain ranges and waterfalls. Surrounded by beauty and tranquillity, you know you have made the right decision after just one day of your stay.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este has a wide range of fine hotels, gorgeous beaches and excellent restaurants — just what a couple on their honeymoon needs. This beautiful place offers a fun nightlife, golf courses, plenty of five star restaurants and more to relax and unwind. Bar hopping, island hopping, saltwater fishing and more awaits you at this St Tropez of Latin America. Did you know Shakira likes to shop at Punta del Este’s designer fashion shows? This makes it one of the most stylish South America honeymoon ideas!

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