Tips for Creating a Gracious Wedding Registry with Thankful Registry

At Once Wed we love creativity and appreciation of the beauty found in individuality.  That is why Thankful Registry is one of our favorite registries.  They have created a beautiful service that allows any couple to customize their registry to reflect what makes them truly unique.

To help with your creating, they wanted to share these simple tips to creating a gracious registry:
Keep it personal. Do this by uploading a cover image that speaks to what you love as a couple, or by writing personalized notes to go with your listed gift suggestions.  Being able to add suggestions from any online store with Thankful Registry ensures the ultimate in personalization.
ThankfulRegistry_Edited (2)
Forget the registry checklist. No one knows what you need better than you. So shake off the pressure from retailers to add a bunch of trendy or “must-have” items, and register for the things that reflect your life together and what you’re both passionate about. Share with your friends and family what you would treasure, and suggest stores where guests can purchase. But know that your guests can purchase from anywhere. If they find a better price at a store other than your suggestion, or would prefer to buy in-store, they can do that as well.
Be direct about your preferences, picking quality over quantity. Thankful allows you to keep everything in a single list. This means mixing traditional gifts with honeymoon contributions, gift cards, experience gifts and charity donations. Guests will love that they are helping you start your life together with gifts that mean the most to you.
Pay it forward with a charity.  Many couples are passionate about the things that matter the most to them.  Thankful makes adding your favorite charity to your gift list easy – just a couple of clicks and you are done.