Things Not to Include in Your ​Wedding Registry

There’s no doubt that creating a wedding registry is fun, particularly in today’s high tech world. You scan some items in a store, and an online list is automatically created for your guests to consult. Does it get any easier? That being said, a wedding registry represents the beginning of your new life as a couple, and the gifts you add to it should hold true to that idea. A wedding registry is a way to make it easier for guests to find the right present, not necessarily a chance for the bride to build a personal wishlist.

With that in mind, here are four things you may not want to include on your wedding registry:

  1. Clothing and other personal items – Your wedding registry is about building a solid base for your home, not expanding your wardrobe. Items on the list should be ones that both of you will use. Keep in mind the fact that guests can get turned off by requests for clothing or other unrelated items.
  2. Only online items – Shopping online is convenient for many guests, but consider your older invitees who may not be tech-savvy, and include some items that can be found in a local store.
  3. Only big-ticket items –Not everyone is able or wants to buy an expensive gift, so include items at a variety of price points. Small kitchen and bathroom items are great for this section: salt and pepper shakers, baking pans, and other items are affordable even for someone on a tight budget. Allowing guests to purchase part of a set is also a great option. One person can buy the bath towels in a set, while others can take care of the hand towels and washcloths.
  4. Nothing – It may feel strange or presumptuous to register for so many gifts, but by creating a registry, you’re actually doing a favor for your guests. It can be difficult for guests to shop for a couple, particularly if they don’t know what other attendees are getting or what items the couple already has. A registry makes it faster and easier for guests to shop since they know they’ll be getting something you want and need. People who want the convenience of the registry can use it, and those who want to give something different can still do so.

While the above tips can serve as good general guidelines, you shouldn’t feel limited to a small selection of items. Today’s wedding registries are much different than the lists of old.

In fact, many couples are choosing to include nontraditional items on the list such as restaurant gift cards, charity donation requests, and honeymoon funds. Regardless of where or for what you register, though, make sure to include the relevant information on your wedding invitations or save-the-date cards so guests can prepare. With a little planning and consideration for your guests, creating a wedding registry can be a fun and exciting process that both members of the couple will enjoy.