The State of Wedding Costs

Location matters!

Many brides know that the cost of a wedding can vary based on where you live.  But did you know wedding costs in large cities can be double those of small ones?

It’s true.  Location definitely does matter.  We checked out The Wedding Report’s cost data and found the most expensive US city to be New Castle, NY.  There, the average cost of a wedding is $45,785.  And 56% of brides spend twice that average or more.  Wow.

By contrast, North Browning, Montana has the lowest cost.  There, brides spend an average of $17,215 on their big day.  And only 5% of brides spend more than twice that average.

The cost of a wedding dress is also affected by your location.  New Castle, NY brides spend an average of $1,801. North Browning, Montana brides spend only $756. The rest of the county falls in between.  San Francisco brides, for example, spend an average of $1,358, Chicago brides average $1,095 on their gowns.  The average cost of a wedding dress in the US is $1,053.

The good news is that buying a preowned wedding dress can save you money, no matter where you live.  According to our sales data, brides save an average of $343.53 on gowns that retailed for $1,053 or less.  And the higher the original retail price, the more money you can save. recommends that used wedding dresses be priced at 50% of the original retail price.  The recommended discount for new and sample gowns is 25% of the purchase price.  The dress age and condition also factor into the discount amount.  Any way you stack it, that is serious savings, no matter where you live.

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