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Have you started thinking about your wedding registry? Whatever stage of planning you’re at, we are excited to introduce our new sponsor, Thankful Registry! Thankful lets you to curate your registry from any mix of online stores you want, save the items you’d like, and share your unique URL with guests. No longer do guests need to head out to the department store or big-box store and search for your registry on an out-of-date computer, deal with pushy or unhelpful sales staff, and wander the aisles.

The key is that Thankful is designed as an all-inclusive, open-platform registry. What does that mean? It means you can mix traditional gifts, honeymoon and other cash gifts, charity donations and experience gifts — all on the single registry. Your guests will appreciate having the flexibility to shop around for a better price if they’d like. And you’ll appreciate Thankful’s straightforward pricing — just $30 for 12 months — with no extra commission-based fees for cash gifts.

Another reason we love Thankful is the gentle tone of their brand. We know it’s all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating a gift registry, and Thankful does a great job of bringing it back to what really matters: celebrating with the special people in your life and being grateful for their love and support. The best part? When you’re ready for baby #1, you can create a baby registry on Thankful as well.

Thankful is happy to get you started with a free 7-day trial. Be sure to check them out!