Take a Curated Honeymoon with Sweet Mun

Planning for your wedding is an exciting and special time, but it can also be quite stressful: months of preparation, an outpouring of opinions, a mountain of decisions on your plate. It can all leave a bride feeling drained. So often, we hear from couples that they were far too overwhelmed to plan a honeymoon during their engagement, especially when you consider that on average, it takes a person 42 hours over 5 weeks just to plan a simple trip. This leads to couples who find themselves reluctantly opting out of a honeymoon simply to minimize the stress, and unfortunately, what they could use more than anything is an escape, a time to adventure together, relax after their beautiful wedding they anticipated for so long for, and connect in a way that can only be experienced when exploring the world together. Introducing, Sweet Mūn.

Sweet Mūn is an experiential travel planning boutique, specializing in honeymoons and mini-moons (perfect for those couples who may need a shorter escape but don’t want to compromise on the experience!).

Sweet Mūn is not your average travel agent and this is definitely not your out of the box, cookie cutter vacation package: this is your opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime with the one you love. Imagine if all you had to do leading up to your next getaway was dream about it–the food, the scenery, the bliss of not having to make a single decision and then, suddenly, you are there, with every detail planned to suit your unique design tastes, travel pace, and exclusive experiences you never knew existed.

Sweet Mūn is not only committed to curating an unforgettable custom travel experience but will also be your best friend leading up to your departure and beyond. Services include everything from a personalized travel survey to helping you identify your unique travel style as a couple, finding you the perfect destination, providing travel tips and etiquette advice for successful cultural interactions, guidance for setting up a honeymoon registry, a custom packing list, and a departure kit with everything you need for a blissful escape. Not to mention, 24-hour emergency assistance while traveling. What could be sweeter?

Photography: Cory O’Keefe