Stylish Bohemian Wedding with a Gypsy Vardo

Iinspired by each of their heritage, the bride and groom created a personal and unique Michigan wedding that was unforgettable for their guests. Since the bride is a Catholic Iraqi, the ideal venue for their wedding was a Catholic Church, particularly Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church, where the bride received her first communion. The couple both love the outdoors, which made the reception venue, Wellers Carriage House, just as perfect as the location of their ceremony.

The bride and groom’s hope for the wedding’s theme was to combine both of their interests and backgrounds to create a “gypsy style with a rock n roll edge”. Lyle and *** did this by incorporating leather and lace, while also mixing dark tones with vibrant colors; the florals were bold, colorful, wild, exotic flowers and greens, and the bouquet and boutonniere were wrapped in leather. The couple’s cake was a simple 5 layer cake and the bride and groom’s attire also perfectly matched their theme. For example, the bride wore a mixed lace gown and a custom lace shawl accompanied by bold jewelry, and the groom wore a charcoal suit with gator skin cowboy boots.

To deeper celebrate the bride’s Iraqi background, the couple had an Iraqi Chaldean live band and traditional Iraqi line and belly dancing for entertainment. Another special feature was the gypsy wagon which was hand-built by Lyle. The wagon was used for the couple’s first look at each other when the bride came out of it. To top it all off, each guest received a hand-held fan and a tambourine. The tambourines were handmade by the bride out of embroidery hoops, vintage lace, and bells. And of course, this unforgettable night was not complete without the sight of a double rainbow between the ceremony and reception.