[Style Guide] Everything You Want to Know About Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Flowing silhouettes and whimsical details, we are currently swooning for all the romantic designs worn by bohemian-inspired brides. It’s a trending style, one with a carefree attitude and filled with romantic nuances. A gown dipped in this genre is perfect for woodland weddings, garden affairs, destination celebrations, or even some of those winter escapes. 

Boho flair is one of the most popular of the wedding world but also the most convoluted in terms of its true definition. And that’s where this guide comes in handy. We’re laying out the rules of what a bohemian wedding dress is, who makes them, and where you can find some of the most beautiful examples. 

What is “Boho” Style Exactly?

Boho style is, well, it’s more than just a way to describe fashion. The word “bohemian” actually describes a type of person or lifestyle. It all started in the 1960’s and truly solidified itself throughout the 70’s because of its close association with hippie-mainstream culture. Patterns and eclectic prints, relaxed, loose fits and silhouettes, as well as nods to nature and artistic value are just some of the markings of true, bohemian style. 

Marked as a representation of being a bit “outside-the-box” in terms of fashion, for a long time boho clothing was viewed as a more liberated way of dressing and not as sophisticated as some of its sister choices. But now, it’s an important part of the runways, including those that aim toward bridalwear. 

What Is A Bohemian Wedding Gown? 

Bohemian wedding gowns take boho style and put an extra romantic twist on it. Think organza, chiffon, lace, or other organic fabrics such as cotton and silk. These gowns have flowing skirts, layered materials, textured bodices, and whimsical features such as bell sleeves and pops of natural colors hidden in the details. 

These weddings surround themselves in soft edges and are inspired by nature which is why we see a lot of bohemian events that had a rustic theme or one that’s centered completely around the outsides and its many facets; a mountainscape or beachside, for example. 

Boho Style Features: The Checklist 

  • Textural layers 
  • Possible prints
  • Bouts of natural/muted color 
  • Ease of motion
  • Comfortable fits and silhouettes 
  • Organic/Natural/Soft fabrics 
  • Fluidity 
  • Coverage/Sleeves
  • Feminine shapes 

Our Favorite Bohemian Designers

Temperley London

temperley London Isabel dress

There’s something incredibly effortless about a Temperley London design. Thriving off romance and ultra-femininity in the designs, these gowns will not only fit the bohemian bill but also become a timeless memory of your wedding day; one that can be passed on to generations after. Nuanced features and the infusion of gorgeous tones, there’s something really magical about an Alice Temperley creation. 

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander Lillian west style 66064 wedding gown

Justin Alexander has a bohemian flair up his sleeve too; and all the designers under the Justin Alexander umbrella do too. From the marquee collection to Lillian West, there are several places of interest for inspired boho brides to peek into. There’s a lot of traditional styles that can be found here but also a lot of bohemian quality that utilizes textures and the mixing of materials in all the right ways. 


bhldn Naomi wedding gown

This collection of budget-friendly and gorgeous designs have a distinct, known-by-all mark of the bohemian spirit. There are so many innovative designs to sift through and choose from. Everything from fringe to organic cotton gowns can be found here, all curated from relevant designers in the bridal world. Their laid-back choices can easily be envisioned in all sorts of versatile settings. From ski lodges to backyard gardens, there’s a gown for your kind of bohemian vibe somewhere in the midst of perfect finds, 

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham wedding gown junipe

The Jenny Packham bridal collection has the ability to truly make one’s heart skip a beat. There’s so much luxury sewn throughout the details, even for the more carefree of lines and nods to the boho style. It’s really important to pay attention to the embroidered details on some of her selections. Each piece is walking art fit for the runway as well as any eclectic bride’s big day. 

Claire Pettibone

Florence French lace Claire pettibone gown

Claire Pettibone is the queen of romance and whimsy. Her gowns look as though they’ve been plucked right from a fairytale storybook. There’s color, there’s a girlish charm, there’s flowing fabrics, and so many surprising and intricate details to become inspired by. What makes a Claire Pettibone so special is the attention to those innovative features. The details in the back, at the waist, and the unique ways patterns and prints combine with texture; take a look at every once of her designs before making your decision. 

Real-Life Bohemian Brides: The Inspiration

After scouring (and swooning) through the blogosphere, we compiled an inspirational list of real-life bohemian brides to represent what it truly means to succumb to the spirit of this carefree style but also to snag ideas from.