Sophisticated Lace Necklines for Sophisticated, Older Brides

A beautiful lace neckline will always speak leaps and bounds on your level of style and taste. That’s why these gowns are the perfect fit for sophisticated, older brides. A classic look and sometimes, even a sexy twist, check out these gorgeous wedding dresses!

Lace Wedding GownsOff-the-shoulder with a sexy twist, this dress will skim every one of your beautiful curves.

Lace Wedding GownsWe love the glitz and glamour that this gown emits.

Lace Wedding GownsThis design has a simple sweetness that any bride would appreciate.

Lace Wedding GownsSuper sexy and sensual, the skin-tones peeking through give this a risque and “grown-up” feel.

Lace Wedding GownsWe’re picturing this piece for a charming destination wedding, what about you?

Lace Wedding GownsThis dress moves, which means it’s perfect for dancing!

Lace Wedding GownsThe combination of fabrics give this beauty a retro and artistic style.

Lace Wedding GownsYou’ll feel like Grace Kelly in this timeless gown.

Lace Wedding GownsA classic top and a rockin’ bottom, we love this upbeat dress!

Lace Wedding DressSimplicity at its finest, we are swooning over the delicacy of these lacey details.

all photos via Brides