Selling Your Wedding Dress: Price It Right

It is a fact. Today, more brides are selling their wedding dresses than ever before.  They (smartly) want to recoup a big chunk of what they spent. And they also want to share their dress with another bride – saving it from a lifetime in the closet.

Just check out what these recent sellers said:

I love the idea of letting someone else be as happy in it! I think of it as some sort of “sisterhood of the traveling gown!” (Chiara M)

In addition to getting some money from the sales (which is great), I am so very happy to have my wedding items be enjoyed by other brides. It makes me smile to know that instead of languishing in storage, they will be sharing someone else’s special day!! (Allison M)

I asked that the buyer send me a picture of her in my dress so I could include it in my scrapbook! (Christian W)

If you are thinking of joining these modern women and sharing your dream wedding dress with another happy bride, pricing your wedding dress properly is the first step to selling it successfully.

Here are our guidelines (based on the age of your gown) for best pricing:

Of course, in the dress has any marks or defects, the reduction should be in accordance with the imperfection, but these prices represent a good starting point.  See all of our tips for selling your wedding dress or check out our gallery of recently sold gowns to see how your pricing compares.

Now just imagine the smile on the bride’s face whose dream dress is about to be listed for sale!