Sell Your Wedding Dress | Buy a Keepsake

Evonne turned this:

Into these.

We hear so many stories from sellers about why the decided to sell their wedding dress.  I just loved what Evonne (who sold her wedding dress in June) had to say about selling her gown.

“I absolutely loved my dress and I wanted someone else to enjoy it as much as I did.  I thought about passing it on to my daughter but I had so much fun choosing my dream dress, I would never want to pressure her to wear mine and miss out on the experience. I also live in NYC so I knew I didn’t have room to store the dress.

With the dress proceeds, I bought a pair of diamond earrings.  These I can wear over and over again to remember my wedding.  They are a true momento to pass to my daughter.”

Earrings (or something else you can enjoy on a daily basis) are such a better way to “preserve” your wedding dress than keeping it in the closet for years.

And Evonne giving those earrings to a daughter one day – perhaps on that daughter’s wedding day – is a modern and lovely template for a mother/ daughter wedding dress tradition.