Say Yes to Platinum This Summer

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When my husband and I were picking out my engagement ring (and later, our wedding bands), platinum wasn’t even an option for us in terms of our budget. I loved the way it looked – nothing beats that beautiful white shimmer and shine – but there was simply no way we could afford it. If you’ve always wanted a platinum engagement ring but never thought it was an option, you’re in luck! Right now, the prices of platinum and gold are neck and neck. This summer, the trading prices of the two are closer than they have been at any point in recent history, so you can definitely take a second look at that platinum engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of!

In case you don’t know much about platinum, here’s a brief overview of the precious metal: platinum is a naturally white pure metal that is more ductile than gold, meaning that it’s quite pliable and can be formed and shaped without losing its toughness – a secure choice for setting your diamond. Furthermore, platinum is very resistant to wear and tarnish, so it’s perfect for the everyday wear of an engagement ring! Platinum also never fades or changes color, and it doesn’t need to be re-dipped or re-plated. Platinum is an extremely rare naturally occurring metal – so much so that King Louis XV of France declared it the only metal fit for a king, which explains why it has always been a pricy choice.

Fortunately, all you ladies getting engaged or married this summer can indulge in a platinum set because the current price of platinum is about $150 less per troy ounce (1 troy ounce = 1.097 ounces = 31.10 grams) than gold. Here are a few of my favorite platinum engagement rings under $1500:

Platinum Guild International

I prefer modern, simple lines for engagement rings. Although more ornate settings are beautiful, I think these settings really let the platinum shine, making the diamonds really pop! As an added bonus, these elegantly simple platinum rings really accentuate the sleeker wedding gown silhouettes summer brides generally choose.

If you look at what’s trending right now for summer weddings, you’ll see a lot of vibrant colors (neon is definitely in right now), as well as hued wedding gowns, macarons (the new cupcakes), lace and light fabrics, and more simple and sophisticated ceremonies and receptions. Wedding trends can change with the season, but when it comes to choosing your ring, platinum is a classic choice that shines winter, spring, summer or fall!

What type of engagement ring do you prefer? Sleek, modern and sexy, like a round or pear-shaped diamond in a bezel or cathedral setting? Or classic, sophisticated and ornate, like a Tiffany-esque solitaire or a trellis setting?

Before you start shopping for rings, you can see some more beautiful examples of platinum jewelry on Facebook!

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