Rose Gold Engagement Rings for a Non-Traditional Bride

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Are you looking for an outside-the-box engagement ring for your non-traditional bride to be? Take a peek at these rose gold beauties for inspiration!

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

An easy, classic design but dressed in a uniqueness made for a non-traditional bride, this ring is a stunner.

Rose Gold Engagement RingsThere’s something very regal about this gorgeous design.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A ring with both art decor and contemporary features, it’s quite the beauty.

Rose Gold Engagement RingsFeel luxurious and spoiled in this gorgeous number with both rose gold tones and plenty of sparkling diamonds.

Rose Gold Engagement RingsThere are definite vintage features built into this engagement ring, dainty yet stunning!

Rose Gold Engagement RingsA round diamond surrounding by smaller details, this floral-inspired design is so delicate and feminine.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A thicker band with thicker diamond accents and an emerald cut, we are gushing over this choice.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

This design is especially luxurious and magical, and this diamond pops right off the rose gold foundation.

Rose Gold Engagement RingsA more delicate and charming of choices, this band would make any bride feel special and comfortable.

r3170-parade-design-wedding-engagement-ring-primaryThe details of this ring are intricate and inspiring, we are loving this art-deco ring design.

all photos via Brides