Roaring, Rogue and Retro 1920’s Wedding Gowns

1920's inspired wedding gowns

Looking for something that will really knock your groom’s socks off? Think outside-the-box for your second time walking down the aisle, whether this is a new marriage or vow renewal … you’re allowed to stray from tradition and act like a rogue bride from the 20’s. And with these designs, you’ll feel like not only bridal but sassy and excited too!

1920's inspired wedding gownsThis has the fringe of those beautiful and excitable flapper women we all secretly want to be like.

1920's inspired wedding gownsBut at night we like to think those flapper girls dawned some sparkle too.


Silk was a big deal in the 20’s and this sheath down is made to please not only your groom, but your figure too.

1920's inspired wedding gownsA more contemporary route, we love how this style blends the old and the new with easy.

1920's inspired wedding gownsA dropped-waist, high neckline and a jewel to cinch the waist, it’s sexy and sophisticated all wrapped in one.

1920's inspired wedding gownsThe headpiece and the belt are a must-have with this design if you truly want that roaring 20’s vibe.

1920's inspired wedding gownsThe detailed neckline of this beauty could not get anymore gorgeous or breathtaking.

1920's inspired wedding gownsProbably my favorite design of the pack, this gown as the glitz of Gatsby at night, that flapper swag and the couture feel of now.

1920's inspired wedding gownsMore subdued, try this one for size if you just want a taste of the 20’s on your celebratory day.

1920's inspired wedding gowns

A wonderful cut for showing off your shoulder, this dress has movement and sparkle .. two of the best things for a bride to have.

all photos via Brides