A Real Engagement Session in the Washington Desert On Cliffs Overlooking the Water

From Meghann, the photographer: 

“I’ve known Samantha since we were both in diapers and we’ve been best friends ever since. Throughout high school and college she was so patient in waiting for the right guy. When I got the call saying she was seeing someone, I knew it had to be serious. When I found out who it was, I squealed with delight! I was delighted that my best friend had found a great guy, but also because I had already met him!

Turns out, the three of us are all from Quincy, Washington; and the last time I saw Gabe was when I was about five years old — right before they moved away. I’m sure he doesn’t remember me much since he was even younger at the time, but I know he comes from a great family. Nothing puts your heart at ease like knowing your best friend has chosen a great partner.

Fast forward to the day of the photo shoot. Gabe and I re-meet as adults, and he’s just as nice now as he was when we were younger. He and Samantha laughed easily, and their sense of adventure was contagious.

They actually suggested our shooting location after finding it while searching for places to cliff jump along the Columbia River. While the spot isn’t suitable for cliff jumping, it makes for a perfect photo backdrop! Unlike the nearby, but busier, overlook of the Vantage Bridge, we had the place to ourselves, and the smoke from nearby wildfires created the most amazing light.”

Bride and Groom: Samantha and Gabe | M. Laine Photography