Postable Mails Your Wedding Stationery For You

GettingHitchedcropIt doesn’t really hit you how much work goes into planning and executing a wedding until it’s your turn. At first, it’s fun and exciting, but soon enough, you realize how quickly all of the little tasks add up and start sucking the fun out of everything.

This is where Postable can be a lifesaver. Their FREE (yes!) address book collects all of your guests’ mailing addresses for you, and once you have them all perfectly organized, Postable will also mail your save the dates, invitations, and even thank you notes. Who wants to go to the Post Office? It’s 2014, people! Their free address book is simple to use and saves a ton of time and especially headaches! Tracking down everyone’s mailing addresses can drive even the most organized couples crazy but with Postable, they’re instantly in one place!

SaveTheDatesCropAnd once you have all of your guests’ contact information, you can choose  save the dates and invitations from amazing paper designers like Rifle Paper Co, Felix Doolittle, OneCanoe Two, and so many more! Each invitation is printed on eco-friendly, tree free paper, and remember that Postable prints and mails each card directly to the people on your list! It really couldn’t be any easier.

WritingDeskcropAnd when the wedding is over and you’re back from your honeymoon, the last thing you want to do is write and mail 100 thank you notes. Postable lets you type them all using handwriting fonts so realistic that even Martha Stewart Weddings approves. Still totally personal but with a modern twist that will save you weeks of time (and years of sanity).

Postable wants you to try and see how much of a difference using their mailing service will make in your planning process, so use the code OnceWed14 to receive 20% off of your first purchase!