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We love Southern weddings. They’re so gracious and full of tradition they feel almost magical. That’s why we’re so excited to share this Q&A with Lynn Easton.  Since 1998, Lynn and her team at Easton Events have been crafting memorable Southern weddings that are both elegant and timeless.

Lynn Easton | Easton Events

What makes a Southern wedding different?
Southern Weddings are full of charm and hospitality. The warmth and welcoming that exudes from not only the hosts, the guests and even the staff just tips the scale to full out fun at a Southern wedding.

Southern weddings are full of traditions!

Corbin Gurkin

What are some examples of family tradition you’ve seen at Southern weddings.
One of my lovely brides, hand wrote personal notes to her guests and included them in each escort card, letting her friends and family know why it was so important that they were there celebrating with her.

Tec Petaja

Other lovely traditions are…

Re-purposing great heirloom pieces, such as your grandmother’s monogrammed handkerchief sewn into your wedding gown

Patricia Lyons

Giving your groom your great grandfather’s insignia ring as his wedding band.

Patricia Lyons

The Bridesmaids Cake pull

Jen Fariello

Having a groom’s cake

Jen Fariello

What will be popular with Southern brides in 2015?
Alfresco dining under the stars. The balmy southern air, light breeze, and tree-lined southern landscapes create the perfect backdrop for any soirée.

Virgil Bunao

Monogramming is so popular in the south! Whether its on the cocktail napkins, the cloth napkins at dinner, or a part of the favor at the end of the night. An unexpected twist is to showcase your monogram on the dance floor! It truly ties together the décor in the entire room.

Aaron Delesie

What’s one of the most favorite weddings you’ve planned. (And why?)
Hands down my son’s wedding this past September at his bride’s family estate in Charlottesville, Virginia. My team keeps telling me my Mother-Son dance was one of the best they’ve seen! We danced to “My Wish For You” by the Rascal Flats and halfway through the song I passed him back to his lovely bride — it was a moment full of laughter and tears!

Photo: Jose Villa
Jose Villa

Another favorite is this Virginia wedding.  The intricate layers of texture and velvet detailing makes this ethereal wedding so special and one that we are constantly going back to for further inspiration.

Everything from the perfection in the cascading cream colored drapes that created a heavenly, cloud like illusion to the complimentary colors of the tabletop, this dinner tent was completely transformed into an intimate and magical setting.

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Jose Villa

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