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Kate Whelan and her team at Kate Whelan Events craft impeccable weddings that are flawlessly executed.  Their goal is to ensure the couple’s style emanates from every perfectly planned detail so that each event is distinctive and unforgettable.  Credentials like this are why Kate Whelan Events has received a reader’s choice award for 5 years in a row.  And why they can plan (stunning!) weddings like her favorite below, in less than 2 months.

We’re excited to share Kate’s ideas and tips today. Prepare to be inspired!


What’s one of your favorite weddings and why is it so memorable for you?
We planned a wedding for Brianne and Kyriakos in just shy of two months. They didn’t even have a venue yet – so we had to take an existing space and build it. With a wedding in March, an inclement weather plan is a must-have in Northern California, so we built a custom tent that took three weeks to install. The subfloor had to accommodate protection of an existing sculpture on the property and two giant trees poked through the top of the tent. It was an adventure – and we’re so happy we were able to execute Brianne’s vision of a classic, elegant, all-white wedding in such an extraordinary little amount of time.

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Photos: Sarah Maren Photography

What new and fun trends are you seeing for 2016?
Mixed seating has been quite a popular request – our clients want a mix of exposed wood tables, tables with linens, as well as banquettes and upholstered furniture for guest seating.

KWE-Rubin-Photography-04-Mixed SeatingKWE-Rubin-Photography-06-Mixed Seating
Photos:Alexander Rubin Photography

Layered tabletops are quite popular now – even if the plates are not used in service, clients are loving the mixture of different china materials, glassware colors and flatware accents.

Plan Like A Pro |Kate Whelan Events
Photo:Eleakis & Elder
Photo: Sarah Maren Photography

Earthy and natural elements are being introduced in an elegant way. Many of my clients love the outdoors and want to incorporate their love of all things organic, but also want an elegant affair.

Photo: Sarah Maren Photography

How can a couple really personalize their reception and make it their own?
Find activities that both you and your soon-to-be spouse enjoy together and make ways for your guests to experience them as a part of the event. If you love playing lawn games in your spare time, bring a set for guests to enjoy during the cocktail hour. Love craft beer? Try passing a pretzel and mini-taster combo as an appetizer. Infusing your personal tastes and activities into the reception tells your story as a couple beyond a simple color palette. If you love to paint or love art, make mini painting favors.

Photo: Sarah Maren Photography

What’s your best advice for saving on wedding expenses….without looking like you did?
Find a venue that sets the tone you are looking for before you even bring in any decor – it will take any investment even further, as it will look like an extension of your event design. Work with complimentary color palettes and don’t fight the existing design.

KWE-Sarah-Maren-Photography-09-Make the Most of Budget
Photo: Sarah Maren Photography

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