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Connie Cupcake, Luxury Wedding Cakes

Connie Dos Santos

We love everything about Toronto’s Connie Cupcake. The artistry. The passion. The originality.  Creator, Connie Dos Santos combines her talents with the couple’s vision and style to create a wedding cake that is literally one-of-a-kind. In fact, she names each cake after its bride – and never creates the same cake twice.

We’re thrilled to chat with her and uncover her thoughts for beautiful cakes this year….

What trends are you seeing for 2014?
We want to defy trends and always offer a unique vision. Trends come and go because they lack staying power. If you want to get trendy, be sure to put a different spin on it so you don’t end up with the same cake thousands of brides will. If it’s a perfect representation of you, your love, your special day… then that’s a perfect cake!

Here’s a few sweet sensations that will visit the venues this year:

  • buttercream cakes – delicious and indulgent
  • thin is in – tall, skinny cakes are gorgeous
  • perfectly imperfect – organic looking cakes that emulate what you’d see in nature, a dropped petal, a lone branch reaching for the sky, dripping edible gold paint. They’re artsy and one of a kind

Luxury Wedding Cake by Connie CupcakeLuxury Wedding Cake by Connie Cupcake

What’s your favorite style of wedding cake?
My favorite style  is one that feels as if it were born, rather than sketched, plotted and assembled. I always ask my couples for permission to go where the cake takes me. It’s very rare they don’t agree. A truly artistic piece comes from freedom of design rather than paint by numbers. I get to know my clients intimately, so I clearly understand the vision for their wedding day. The cake needs to celebrate that. Whether formal, artsy, modern or rustic…  when we create a cake from that space… it’s magic!

Luxury Wedding Cake by Connie Cupcake

What are examples of “splurge” and “savings” when it comes to wedding cakes?
Splurge and Save is actually an important concept for couples to consider. I usually ask my Brides to send me Pinterest pages so I can quickly see what their inspirations are. Our prices start at $12.75 per slice and go up from there depending on how elaborate the design becomes. You only need 60% of your guest numbers for the cake, so I advise my clients to come up with a budget they’re comfortable with and that’s what we stick to. It’s like saying – “I want to buy a car”. Well… what kind of car? A Kia or a Mercedes? Their price points will be very different.

You can have a gorgeous cake on a lower budget, a good designer knows how to create the wow-factor you’re looking for without breaking the bank. Sugar flowers are very expensive, so if you’re wanting a 5 tier cake encrusted with them you’re looking at a high cost. But artfully placed blooms can make a cake glow at a fraction of the price.

Luxury Wedding Cake by Connie Cupcake

What are your best tips to help a bride find her perfect cake?
Meet and book your designer ASAP. The best cake artists are booked FAST, so meeting with your favorite is something you need to do quickly to ensure they’ll be available for your date. A good designer should take the time to really get to know you. I see tastings on the Bridal TV shows and it always depicts people sitting around a table, tasting a few cupcakes and then looking at a primitive sketch. I truly believe that if you want the cake of your dreams, the designer should really get to know you and everything you’re dreaming about for your special day. The color story, florals, invitations and dress… all of these choices are incredible inspiration points for the cake.

I also think it’s important to like your designer. Is he/she someone you trust? Do they have a clear vision? This relationship is all you have, as the final product arrives on your wedding day. Make sure that connection feels secure with you.

Connie Cupcake, Luxury Wedding Cakes
Connie Cupcake, Luxury Wedding CakesConnie Cupcake, Luxury Wedding Cakes

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Photos: Connie Dos Santos: Corina V. Photography; all cake photos: Connie Dos Santos