Annie Lee, Daughter of Design

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Annie Lee, Daughter of Design

We’ve long been fans of Annie Lee and the gorgeous weddings she plans at New York City’s Daughter of Design.  Annie’s signature is understated elegance and her work can be found everywhere – Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Brides, and People Magazine to name a few.  Daughter of Design planned the 1st New Year’s Eve wedding in Times Square, 14 Valentine’s Day weddings atop the Empire State Building, and the 2012 Fall Knot Gala at the New York Public Library. Her talents made these events, and all that she plans, both personal and unforgettable.

We’re so lucky to be able to share some of Annie’s thoughts on trends, personalizing your wedding, and more…

What’s one of the favorite weddings you’ve planned?
When I worked at the SF Opera I would always think how beautiful it would be to have a wedding there. So it was a great honor to be one of the select few weddings permitted to be held there a few years ago. What made this full-circle moment even greater was that it was for the wedding of a dear childhood friend of mine.  They are expecting their first child any minute now too!

San Franciso Opera House Wedding Planned by Daughter of Design 2-Daughter-of-Design 3-Daughter-of-Design 4-Daughter-of-Design 5-Daughter-of-Design 6-Daughter-of-Design 7-Daughter-of-Design 8-Daughter-of-Design 9-Daughter-of-Design 10-Daughter-of-Design

Photos via Daughter of Design

What trends are you seeing for 2014?
We’re shifting back to a more luxury setting over the rustic one, not quite the OTT of days yore but more in an understated way. Quality tableware and accessories that aren’t necessarily bling bling though. Like cut crystal glass and other things that symbolize refined luxury but not so in your face.

Daughter of Design 12-Daughter-of-Design

Bouquets are finding a nice home somewhere in between tight round ball and crazy bunch of field flowers. I have been calling it the “Amorphous Bouquet.” Sort of like a cascade but more interesting and artistic but still manicured to keep it elegant.

Amorphous Bouquet via Daughter of Design 14-Daughter-of-Design
Photos: left: Dasha Caffrey  right: Burnett Boards

I’m seeing less busy on the table, less chackies and knick knacks. Even the centerpieces aren’t so overgrown and more concentration are going into better hardware like flatware, chargers, plates and let them do the talking.

Daughter of Design

How can a couple really personalize their reception and make it their own?
The design obviously should mirror and echo your personal tastes. People should get the same feeling as if they were walking into your home and seeing how you decorated that. However that all said, to me the #1 way to personalize a wedding is through words. There is NOTHING like personalized vows, a heartwarming toast or gracious thank you speech that makes people feel like they are closer to you and know you better. Best part it’s free and there is only one of its kind so is very unique.

Like this gorgeous wedding…..the part with his speech – you’ll see why!


What’s your best advice for saving on wedding expenses….without looking like you did?
One of the biggest and fastest savings you can make without anyone even having a second thought you did it for the budget is to select a DJ over a band. Bands can be 70% more expensive! Thousands right there.

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