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Angie Strange, Posh Florals

Obsessed with florals and a lover of fashion, Angie Strange started Posh Floral Design when a friend asked for help with her wedding.  She started her business in her last semester of college and has never looked back. We’re thrilled to share some of her favorite work and thoughts for newly engaged brides planning their big day.

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If you could pick 3 wedding floral arrangements that are your personal favorites, which ones would you pick, and why?
I love designs that are unique and eye catching so my favorites are the ones that are lush and stunning.

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Like fashion magazines sometimes show a “Splurge” and a “Save” option, do you have advice or examples of wedding florals that would fall into those categories?
Clients spend the most of their budget at their reception so I think a good “save” option would be to use candles as the focal piece and the floral to be the accent on the table.

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The “splurge” option would be one where a table is ordained with floral for example, have an elevated design then having flowers at the base of the design as well. Another great “splurge” would be to have a floral halo over the dance floor or even have chandeliers through the room with florals.

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What advice do you have for a bride starting her search for a floral designer for her wedding?
Well first of all, there is a difference to me in a florist and a floral designer. I think a florist is one who makes every day designs and maybe a bit more standard in their designs. A florist designer is someone who literally creates your wedding floral and decor from the ground up. Whether you use a florist or a floral designer, know that they are experts and you can see that from the work they do. Trust them. If you don’t trust them and you hire them it’s going to be a disappointment for you and the designer. We know that this is the most important day for you and we have done many weddings to know exactly all the details, but beware of floral studios that you don’t have a good feeling about. You want to have a great experience.

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Photos courtesy of Posh Floral Design