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If you want a design house that will create a beautifully crafted and meticulously planned event, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about Amorology Weddings.  Each wedding they create is drop. dead. gorgeous.  And each couple’s personality radiates through perfectly. We asked the team to share some insights to help inspire you with their years of expertise. Prepare yourself for all of the prettiness!

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What’s the most unique, different or dramatic wedding you’ve created?
Wow, this is a tough one!  We have such a soft spot for each wedding we do as they all tend to have something unique and special to them!  That being said, we did once bring in a 40 ft ferris wheel to a wedding which was of course amazing and a fun way to really share the playful side of our couple!  We also are currently gearing up for  a 600 person wedding, where we will be bringing in hundreds of mini personalized cakes for each guest. So excited for this one!

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What trends do you see emerging for 2017 weddings?
We predict seeing deeper infused color palettes mixed into the existing and very popular palette of nudes + blush 🙂 I foresee a rebirth of color, as well as brides going a bit braver and bolder in their color choices, from their dresses, all the way to the get-away car.  But no complaints here, cause we adore different!

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How do you work with brides to get a defined vision for their day?
Here at Amorology, we love love love personalizing each event to really portray the uniqueness of our couples! We know that each bride and groom is different with no two love stories or personalities being the same. Our focus is to go deeper into these personalities and pull out all the little gold nuggets! From there, the likes and dislikes of each couple give us a great starting point for their design and overall wedding aesthetic.


What’s the biggest mistake a couple can make on their wedding day?
My greatest piece of advice to engaged couples about to get married is learning not to sweat the little things, or pay too much attention to the details you’ve hired a planner to orchestrate . The wedding is for a bride and groom to enjoy, so my advice would be to take a deep breath, share a kiss, enjoy a slice of cake with the one you love, and bask in the beginning of happily ever after!

Photo: Jonathan Canlas
Photo: Jonathan Canlas